Thursday, 1 August 2013

Emergency Lilac

So you're about to go on a week end away, you're all packed but you didn't get the chance to do your nails because you actually started packing at 11pm the night before. You quickly pack some nail polish, before you hop on the train, or you think you did but you can't find the darn bottle.

What to do? Chances are that if you're going on a city break, you won't probably be too far from a Superdrug, when you can pick up some 'emergency' nail polish. Now, 2true nail polish in shade 14 might not be the most exciting shade out there, but it's one of these handy colours which will go with anything and which will quickly make your bare nails presentable enough to visit his parents in two easy coats. More importantly, it's incredibly good value for money (£1.99) and the application is a doddle thanks to the flat brush.



2true polishes (well, the 'creme' finish skinny bottles anyway) are too good quality to be relegated to the status of 'emergency' polishes. In fact, it's almost an insult to the brand to treat them that way. Next time you're in Superdrug, give their stand a chance. Despite its low prices and the young audience that it therefore attracts, 2true has some gems which are 2good to be overlooked.



I particularly cannot wait for the release of the 2true paper lashes, for a funky accent on the outer corner of the eye. Paperlashes are usually so much more expensive that normal so I am really interested to see how much 2true budget brand will sell them for.


What: 2True nail polish in shade 14
How much: £1.99
Where: Superdrug and 2true online.
Purchased the product myself.



I have this one too, the coverage it great! Looks lovely on you x x x

Just me, Leah said...

Ooh, it looks lovely. What a bargain! x

Beauty's Bad Habit said...

That is such a lovely colour! The paper lashes look awesome, I think Boots are trying t get rid of the Bourjois ones now - spotted some at £2.99 last time I went in. Worth a look!

Tia said...

woww thats lovely, I really missed your blog for a long while but now I am so much happy to see you again!x

Anonymous said...

I actually prefer this lilac to most of the others I have seen, its a lot softer and less blue purple than the others :-)

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