Sunday, 27 January 2013

10 moments when I like to use a bb cream

I feel so self conscious about the skin on my face (hyperpigmentation, red lumps and bumps, big pores and now visible signs of ageing) that you will probably never see me out and about, in broad daylight without a generous coat of the fullest coverage foundation I own. Asking me to step out of the house without some sort of foundation on my face is the same as asking me to venture out without my teeth brushed and deodorant. I basically could only do it if my house was on fire.

At the same time, I am a massive fan of bb creams and it just doesn't make sense. After all, bb creams are just a tinted moisturiser with a bunch of extra skincare properties. Why would I opt for something with such low coverage when I would usually go for the heaviest foundation I can lay my hands on? Well, you'd be surprised.

I wanted to share with you 10 moments when I want to reach out of my items of my beloved bb cream collection.

bb cream moments

Going to the gym. There are lots of people out there who like to give you grief if they notice you're wearing foundation at the gym. You shouldn't have to care about what people (and mainly strangers) think about you, but if you're already feeling self conscious about your level of extreme unfitness, I find that wearing a bb cream helps with confidence and gives you one less thing people could give you grief about.

2) Strenuous-ish activities outdoor, for example a day to the mountain, walking pretty much all day. If you're anything like me, you won't enjoy outdoor activities much. One it's always cold outside, even in 'summer' and two, everybody is walking faster like you, like they have some sort of train to catch. The last thing you want is to appear like some sort of high maintenance girl, with layers of cakey foundation and who will cry if they break one nail. Just wearing a bit of bb cream on will make people think 'aww, she's clearly useless at walking, but she's not wearing any makeup, how refreshing for a girl who I thought was so obsessed with makeup.

3) Beach. It is very unlikely I am going to put my head under water at the beach. I can't even swim. As people would laugh at me if I was wearing foundation at the beach, I find that bb creams are just perfect. And if people catch you re-applying bb cream more often than you should, you could always make it pass as a SPF cream ;)

4) Emergency Chocolate Fix. You need to nip out to the corner shop and can't bear showing your bare face to the world? BB cream to the rescue.

5) He stays over. You've started to see this guy more often. You know he's going to stay over and stay for the night. It's very early days and you don't feel comfortable with him seeing you with no ounce of makeup on. You dutifully take your makeup off, pop on bb cream on the sly right after, he's happy because he thinks you let him see the real you and you're happy because he's not seeing you with nothing on. I don’t condone wearing makeup overnight, but if a bb cream is just a tinted moisturiser, this has got to be better than full on primer and foundation, right? Winking smile

6) Hungover Days. You went out the night before, have a massive hungover and someone is visiting you last minute.

7) Hospital stays. Foundation would make you look too done up. BB cream on its own (no blusher, mascara, lipstick, bronzer) will make you decent enough to be seen by visitors, will even some of your imperfections and still earn you sympathy and hopefully some non hospital made food goodies ;)

8) Dirty foundation tools. You can't stand apply foundation with your bare hands and all your foundation tools (brush, sponge, etc) are dirty or wet.

9) Rubbish Foundation. You bought a foundation and disappointed with its coverage. The foundation is not very buildable and would look very cakey and horrible if you attempt to apply too much, so you apply a bb cream as a base, and manage to use up your disappointing foundation overtime.

10) Fake Tan. You have a lovely fake tan on your face and don't want to mask with your heavy duty foundation. You apply a bb cream to cover some of your ‘bad’ bits and still let your lovely tan shine through.

What about you? Did you also catch the bb cream bug? Are you still using your bb creams regularly or are they sitting there gathering dust?

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Charli said...

This is so true!!
Charli @


TSOH said...

I'm bringing my BB cream for my holiday! :) But I've yet to found a matte one :(

Valens said...

hahaha so true!!!

Lori - Glasgow Beauty Blogger said...

Haha that is hilarious, and also very correct, I wear BB Creams in every one of those situations. Most recently when I went into hospital for surgery and they had to tell me to get it off asap.
I was only trying to look my best lol.
17 BB cream is my gym go-to as well.

Annie said...

Haja yep. Very true! Xx

Robyn said...

It really pisses me off when people moan at girls for wearing makeup at the gym. Um, some of us have come straight from work or other things and don't have time to take every scrap of makeup off. You'll sweat through it and take a shower afterwards, what's the bloody problem!

Fashion Bandit said...

I have mostly abandoned my BB Cream now, and like you, there are the above occasional uses, but I have real problem skin, with lots of bumps, scars, spots and open pores, so I prefer a foundation with proper coverage. :)

My latest post:

Viktoria said...

I love this post. I always use BB Cream when I'm on holiday, so a combination of a few of the points! xx

Sue Lin said...

"'aww, she's clearly useless at walking, but she's not wearing any makeup, how refreshing for a girl who I thought was so obsessed with makeup.’"- LOL
Since discovering a bb cream that doesn't feel like I've cement on, I've been wearing it daily.

Karen Wilson said...

I like the bb cream's I have tried and it's summer here so I don't want a full face of heavy foundation which runs down my face and/or melts off in the heat so I've been using 3 bb creams on rotation since November and I'm really happy with them so now I'm thinking (in the colder month's) do I really need a full coverage foundation? Sometimes I am self-conscious and don't even go to the corner shop without at least a bb cream and a lip balm on but recently I've been going into town just with a bb cream, a little blush and a lipgloss or pale-mid colour lipstick so I'm getting better at not worrying what "stranger's" think of me, they're stranger's and who cares what they think!


Makeup Monster said...

Haha great post I'm obsessed with BB Creams too!

design top said...

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