About Moi

Nothing will ever come close to my first passion in life: the love for the English language. Many years ago, I was born in a small French island lost in the Indian Ocean (Reunion Island) and my wildest dream was to become fluent in English. 


Lately, I have developed a new hobby: the exciting world of makeup. I love how such a trivial and frivolous thing like makeup can make people happy: through its fabulous potential to turn people into a whole new different persona at Halloween (my favourite day of the year) and other fancy dress occasions or feeling prettier and more confident in everyday life. This blog is about documenting and sharing my experiences with makeup. Outside many wild Halloween Parties, I had always been shy with makeup until I discovered the addictive world of makeup tutorials on YouTube.

January 2009 was a turning point for me. I had been watching and enjoying Petrilude (one of my favourite makeup artists on YouTube) for a while on YouTube and one day he created a makeup look from an inspiration picture I sent him. On top of feeling like a million dollars and a celebrity for a day, it gave me the wings to recreate his makeup look and post a video response. My YouTube channel was born. 

Through YouTube and other makeup forums, I met some lovely friends and my next videos were about secret 'makeup challenges' where we could surprise one another. Many makeup challenges and contest entries later, I have yet a lot to learn (especially in the daytime/wearable look department) but I enjoy the process immensely.