Tuesday, 30 July 2013

You saucy mink

Getting back into blogging after such a long break is never going to be easy. To ease myself gently to it, I'd like to share with you a little bargain which has put a smile on my face.

I've always thought that when it comes to nail polish, and unless you're wearing a truly unique colour, that the general public don't generally notice whether the polish on your nails cost you 20 quid or whether you got it at the pound shop. In fact, there's nothing more satisfying when someone comments on your nails and you can say ‘It only cost me a quid, you know'. This is one of the main reasons I have been enjoying wearing MUA nail polishes. However, there have always been a few things which was spoiling my enjoyment of MUA nail polishes:

1) The terrible brush inside, making the application very laborious
2) The label is 99% of the time skewiff on the bottle, making the whole nail bottle of polish look really really cheap
3) Polishes have a number instead of a name, reinforcing the cheap look of the product.

To be fair, it was the brush which was my main bug bear. I was secretly hoping MUA would improve on their nail polishes but I was scared at the same time that improvements would mean an increase in price.

I had nothing to worry about. MUA listened to all the feedback and came back with 100% improved nail polishes, whilst selling them at the same price.Today, I have a lovely shade of polish to show you. It's called moody mink.


There's your first improvement right there. Polishes have a proper name now and everything. No risk of wonky label anymore, the whole label is ditched for a very sleek 'essie-esque' type of bottle. I won't be mad at you if you think MUA totally ripped off Essie's bottle design, it's understandable. MUA were definitely a bit cheeky there but the new design suits the new bottles so well, it feels so natural. Besides Essie have also changed the design of their bottles so I think there is definitely room for both brands to exist peacefully side by side in our beloved Superdrugs.

Without a doubt, the biggest improvement is the brush. It's nothing fancy, it doesn't fan out like the paddle brush in L'Oreal colour riche polishes but it finally performs its job perfectly.



If you have never tried MUA polishes before, there could never a better time to start. Own too many polishes already? How is a tiny £1 bottle going to hurt? Look at it, it's so cute and there's nothing wrong this new generation of polishes, this time. If you already own some first generation MUA polishes, you could even be a little indulgent, donate your first generation polishes and purchase your favourite MUA polish shades in their new format. I won't tell a soul if you did :)


What: MUA Cosmetics nail polish in shade Moody Mink
How much: £1
Where: Superdrug and MUA cosmetics online.
Purchased the product myself.



Really, the brushes are good now? Thats exciting! I saw them in superdrug and i actually thought they were essies at first. Am definitely picking some up on your recommendation! x x x

Valens said...

Liloo, welcome back! I'm so happy you're here again and I would hug you so tight if I was there!!! :D
I've thought when I first see the new bottles was "I've seen it somewhere before!"... I'm glad that MUA improved everything, not just the bottle.

Kemcaflipflops said...

They've changed the brushes?..best news today! I love MUA for giving myself a little treat when I find some loose change in the bottom of my bag
(when you find cash you didn't know you had, it's FREE MONEY for spending!)
Kirsten xx

nav said...

I haven't ever tried any MUA nail polishes but you make a good point especially the price, this shade looks gorgeous on you x

Nav | Navilicious Beauty

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