Friday, 26 March 2010

The Fairy Tale of a Hollywood Icon in Spring


Image1If you follow me on YouTube, you’ll see that I enjoy taking part in makeup contests on YouTube. Participating in makeup contests give me an excuse to play around with makeup, an excuse to try my hand at some fancy and wacky makeup but most of all has given me the chance to meet lots and lots of people, who I have become good friends with ever since.

If you’ve never entered a makeup contest on YouTube, try it, it’s fun. It’s open to all ages and all levels and most of all it challenges your creativity and your patience too haha. No need for advanced video skills at all.

All I do, is play around with make up, then take hours to take millions of photos in the hope that some of them will look decent and show the make up as close to reality as possible, and then upload all the photos to onetruemedia and it does a photo slideshow for me, like PowerPoint would do. It also has a handy ‘YouTube’ button which uploads straight onto YouTube

Today, I’ve done a little news bulletin (2 minutes)  on some cool makeup contests going on at the moment. This is also a way for me to do a little shout to some small makeup artists who deserve to be more widely known. So the video I’ve made doesn’t feature the most talked about makeup contest at the moment, the huge Alice in Wonderland inspired Contest, which I have been stressing about :D

You can access all the Makeup Contests Featured on the playlist I have created for you here: ( or access them individually below.

1. “Old Hollywood” Birthday Contest (PasiphaetheQueen)
2. “Spring Inspired” Contest (Laura16xo)
3. “Fairies” (Bluefairy0173)
4. “Fairy Nale” Blog Fairy Tale Nail Art Contest (donotrefreeze)

Are you taking part in any youtube or blog makeup/beauty contest at the moment? Do let me know :) xx


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