Monday, 29 March 2010

Pomacantha Makeup Look

I am so sorry. When I posted my look on YouTube yesterday, I knew it would be blocked in some countries but I was pushed for time and didn't have much time to replace the music. I don't have a large audience and really value everyone who watches me on youtube, wherever they come from and if the deadline was not yesterday, I would have never posted a video, knowing it would be blocked in some countries.

For you, my lovely @thaisKG (kindagorgeous on YouTube) and for anyone in the same situation, here's the video. I hope my video won't stay stuck for too long in your subscription box. I've had that before happening to me and it's right pain and a glitch in the system. Why YouTube would still display the thumbnail of a video I can't watch because it's blocked in my country? Really silly!

Anyway, with sincere apologies, here's the video:

Thank you for watching xx


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