Thursday, 8 April 2010

Alice in LambriniLand

Avant-Propos: Glossary of Essential Terms

Makeup Contest:
Excuse to have fun with makeup and green light to make a fool of oneself on YouTube
Mad Hatter: Annoying Character in Alice in Wonderland, remixed by Tim Burton. Trying to understand his nonsense will drive you mad
Lambrini: Cheap wine you get at the Spar just to get cash back.


So there I was, on Easter Bank Holiday finally setting to do my entry to the fabulous and most talked about make up contest on YouTube Land: The Alice in Wonderland Contest hosted by the most talented makeup gurus out there at the moment: GoldieStarling, Letzmakeup, Glitterdollz7 and last but not least, the beyond gorgeous HollywoodNoirMakeup.
Tim Burton's film left me really unimpressed (see my full review here) and the character of the Mad Hatter annoyed me till no end. On a makeup point of view, I was shocked to see the contrast between the pretty bright promotional posters and the doom and gloom 'reality' of Wonderland.


While Avatar had left me totally amazed, (this was the last movie I saw) Alice in Wonderland left me in a bad mood, honest! So I wanted to channel this negative energy into makeup. My idea was to create a brighter, more feminine and sexy look inspired by the colors of the Mad Hatter. No gloomy and lame tea party in sight, I had envisaged this look to be bright, fun, wearable at some fancy cocktail party!

So to get in the party mood, being Easter week end and that, I thought I would treat myself to a glass of lambrini. Before you knew it, half of the bottle had done and I had become tipsy midway through and was asking for tips on twitter how to sober up. Will spare you the fastidious details of the adventures of descent into LambriniLand. Have a look at the (not so happy) ending instead. If you behave, I might post an orange ‘blooper’ picture at the end of this post.



More pictures and fancy music in my video if you’re not perturbed yet. So, so so, where are the jungle frizzy orange eyebrows? Oh I tried, you bet I tried but it looked so spaced out and I really wanted to keep this look as much wearable as possible.  Because you’ve been nice reading all this, I thought I’d show you as well my attempt at orange eyebrows.



p.s Consumption of excessive amounts of alcohol will not help with makeup application. It might however give you the false illusion that you’re doing a marvellous job.


Nooberella said...

you are so talented, i LOVE this look. you really know how to pull off brights =D

good luck my lil french poop xxx

Anonymous said...

ooh, I love :)

Fintia said...

great job on this!

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