Sunday, 30 May 2010

What makes me happy – Contest Entry

My dear fellow beauty blogger Get Lippie and friend on twitter is doing a fabulous giveaway for her birthday. A very special giveaway for a very special birthday. To take part, she invited us to write a few words about what makes us happy.


There is no other thing which brings a large  papaya smile* to my face:

Fancy dress and the build up to my
favourite day of the year, Halloween.

I absolutely love Fancy Dress and just writing about it as we speak, makes me all excited. For me, fancy dress parties and night outs in costumes and fancy dress makeup are just the best times. Halloween is just a celebration of fancy dress at its finest, so it’s not surprising it  has become my favourite day of the year. I  love seeing people having fun with the costume, makeup of course, the accessories etc… I love meeting new people in fancy dress occasions, when you save their phone number as batman/crazy clown and the following day you just smile thinking you spent the night before with a bunch of super heroes and villains.

What about you? What makes you happy? Would the thought of  winning fabulous limited edition prizes would make you happy? ^_^ Pop over to get lippie’s blog, have a look around, and get to enter her giveaway too. Be quick though as her giveaway is ending on Wednesday 9 June. xx

* Papaya Smile: What we say where I come from: Slice a papaya sideways and you'll get a slice similar to a melon slice, mimicking a large smile from ear to ear.


Big Fashionista said...

I love Halloween too. But it's my busiest night if year. I'm a face painter so get lots of bookings for scary faces lol

Get Lippie said...

Lovely post, m'dear, good luck, and thank you very much for entering!

Louise x

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