Tuesday, 8 June 2010

Color Intense Trios from Collection 2000

I resisted about 5 seconds when I saw these new ‘Color Intense Trio’ Eyeshadow from Collection 2000. I just had to have them: They looked like little stripes of colours suspended in air in a little icecube. On special introductory offer at Superdrug, why resist? 



I bought 3 trios, from the 8 available in the range
from left to right: lemon tropic, fuchsia falls and night jewels


Starting off by the one which caught my eye the first, was lemon tropics and I could not wait to swatch it properly and wear it on my eyes. What a lovely colour combination. I was a bit apprehensive about the yellow, as I am extremely fussy with my yellows (none of the 7 yellows available yellows in my ebay 120 palette impressed me) And I was right: it is the right shade but not pigmented enough for my taste. Here are some swatches without any kind of primer on the skin.  The other colours in the lemon tropics trio are much more pigmented but I would still use them with a white base.  I can’t hide the fact that I am a bit disappointed by this palette. The yellow really let me down.



Night Jewels is a hit for me and I can’t wait to wear these. Super value for money, and I can’t believe this is just £2.50!  Again this is without any primer or white base.


And finally the piece de resistance: Fuchsia Falls. No only do I love this colour combination, but I am super super excited about the fuchsia in there mainly because this is the colour I have hit the pan in my 120 palette and I am going to be stuck when it’s finished. The grey is a bit flat and too matte for my liking but this is compensated by a mile, with  the third colour:  a gorgeous purpley grey. Love it. It’s one of those colours that I can myself using again and again.  Click here to see the look I’ve done with the fuchsia falls. (Anybody else got problems remembering the spelling of fuchsia by the way?)


I am debating whether I should buy candy shop (the third one below) 
Have you got any?



lucie.lovely.cupcake said...

The 2 nude ones look nice! And the black/blue/grey one at the back. I'm scared of bright colours!! xx

Jo said...

Ok.. off to boots I go, tomorrow that is. I'll be buying the boring nudes (surprise surprise) xxx


Thom_cat said...

£2.50? Bloody hell. I want the first one, blues + purple, grey/blue one next to it, the darker neutral one and the yellow + green + blue one you have. Superdrug here I come!

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