Tuesday, 13 July 2010

Rescued by the A-Team…

How would feel if you were invited to an exclusive pampering evening, where you could consult, on a one to one basis: a fashion stylist, a hair stylist and a makeup artist all under one roof? Pretty excited right? This is how I felt too, when I was invited to Aussie Haircare ‘Rescue’ pampering event, last Wednesday in Leeds. Yet, despite being uber excited at such amazing opportunity, I couldn’t help but feeling more petrified than anything else. As the day was coming closer, I started to get more and more anxious. I had never been to a beauty blogger’s event before and so nervous to meet other beauty bloggers in real life. Fine and dandy blogging ‘hidden at home’, posting  flattering makeup photos of yourself, carefully chosen between hundreds of cast offs. Meeting members of blogosphere in real life was a pretty scary prospect.

Could the anxiety get worse?
Yes it could …

The last time I had a haircut was around Christmas, grey hair peeking through my homemade semi permanent colour. As for my layers, there were part of a big mass of dry hay. Most of all, I was feeling super self conscious about my age, feeling so much older than my fellow bloggers. In a bid to look and feel better about myself, I embarked on a heavy duty exfoliation (crystal clear micro-dermabrasion done at the salon) an long overdue hair trim and a home colour in the space of 2 days. An over zealous beautician, a fatal non recommended hot bath later, and probably contact with the chemical of my hair dye made my skin even worse, and as sensitive as if I had waxed my whole face. My skin was red all over and started to peel badly around the mouth and the last thing I wanted to meet a makeup artist examining every pore and contour of my face. As if it could not get any worse, worrying about it at night prevented me to sleep at night properly for 2 days before, and I was sporting the biggest eye bags ever. I felt like a old and pale grandma who could not even indulge a bit of fake tan and risk to make the skin even worse.

So there I was, last Wednesday, arriving to Leeds, feeling and looking worse for wear. Taxi refusing to give me a lift because my hotel was apparently too close sent me over the edge and there I was with my woolly hat trying to protect my hair from a shower outside and crying my eyes out for the whole twitterland to see because I could not find ‘the headrow’ and was lost in the middle of Leeds. A few celebratory tears as I finally found my hotel, and it was time to regain composure and pretend I was cool, calm and collected.
A massive hug from Emma from Aussie Haircare on arrival and a welcome champagne cocktail from Bartender Ian and my anxiety levels went down to 10% and I could not have hoped for a more fabulous evening.


So who was there?

Myself and 6 other bloggers (Sinead, Carla, Catherine, Briony-Lou, Phoebe and Daisy) had been invited to the most gorgeous venue: a penthouse apartment offering the most breathtaking panoramic views of Leeds, as the sun was setting over the city.  I dread to imagine how much it would have cost to hire this apartment for the pampering evening: wow! And pampered we were! While foxy (but already spoken for) bartender concocted us yummy cocktails throughout the night, we were treated to a fancy finger buffet as we were chatting away and getting to know each other. A few minutes later, I even felt silly to have worried about the event so much: the girls were so friendly and the whole evening felt so relaxed and went so smoothly.

My nerves had nearly all gone then and it was finally time to meet the rest of the aussie team individually and pick their brains and expertise: Lisa the boss, Steven the fashion stylist, Amber the hair stylist and Cassie the makeup artist.


Steven the stylist went through with me some clothes I had brought over for the occasion and I felt so unimaginably lucky to be able to talk with a professional about my body shape, clothes and accessories to make the best of it. The best bit about it was he was not affiliated with any clothing company and not trying to sell me particular clothes or trying to get me into some silly and outrageous outfits.

Time to meet Amber the hair stylist. My hair makeover was a very special experience for me. I realise this post is getting very long so I wanted to devote a post of its own. Click here to see my hair makeover step by step :)

And last but not least, I was super lucky to meet Cassie, the makeup artist. Now if you have been reading about my blog is mainly about experimenting and having fun with makeup so you can imagine how excited I was. Cassie was very nice to me and reassured me straight from the start that she could concentrate mainly on eyes and lips and that made me feel so much better as all around my chin was lizardy dry. ‘What makeup would you like’, she asked. I was craving from tips and techniques on how to achieve a daytime but interesting smoky look. Everytime I had been trying to do a daytime look, it either ended drag (I’m not afraid of colours and I like to pack it on) with heavy cut crease or just bland and boring. And this is what Cassie achieved on me.


So nicely blended, so sophisticated and not a hint of drag in sight, and all this with affordable products from Max Factor which is totally my alley. Just remembering my time makes me feel all fuzzy. I was able to ask questions about the brushes she uses (again, super affordable, they were all from crown) from advice on droopy heavy lids, eyeshadow placement to ‘lift the eye’, how to make smaller eyes bigger etc…


Cassie (@cassiemakeup on twitter) wrote down all the products she used on me, on my ‘consultation’ sheet: On the eyes,  Max Factor“420 supernova pearls” powder eyeshadow) mixed ”colour precision” liquid eyeshadow in coffee.  The lips were divine and it was a mix of 2 glosses, one of them being ‘Glowing Sepia 600’ which, if my memory served me right had the most divine cocoa chocolatey smell. I just wished I could go back in time and see the bit when she put the blusher cos I really suck at it. I need to buy the tiny kabuki brush (super handy for travelling) she used to buff in  it as I generally tend to have a heavy hand with makeup.


It was soooooonice to meet in the flesh other blogger girlies, and so cool to have personalised tips and tricks on hair (click here to see my hair makeover step by step) makeup and fashion from the A-team, the Aussie team. Thank you so much guys!

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Phoebe said...

It was so nice to meet you, hopefully we can speak more at the Manchester event.
I wish i'd have known before about the level of your anxiety over the event! Glad you found it in the end, and as a side note, I wouldn't have even known you'd had a skin reaction - you looked beautiful! :)

*Dainty*Dollymix* said...

Great blog post hun :) You look absolutely stunning and it was so great to meet you finally! The Volume event in Manchester will be just as fabulous and im so glad youve agreed to come :)
I had an amazing night in Leeds & didnt want it to end!
I love the picture of me & you sweetie! You look gorgeous!

Thom_cat said...

Looks like you had a wonderful time! Your make up looks gorgeous

May said...

Aw you look so pretty hun! Looks like you and the other girlies had lots of fun! xxx

ModestyBrown said...

That make up is awesome. I'm so pleased you managed to find it in the end, I felt so bad I'd missed your initial plea for help finding the Headrow (Leeds cab drivers, grrrr!). It looks like you and all the other girls had a fab time!

BrionyLou said...

It was lovely to meet you and I can't wait for round two in Manchester!!

I look so shiny in the last pic (note to self - more powder!!)


Girl With The Golden Touch said...

Late to commenting on this post but it was such a good night and so great to meet you! xxx

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