Tuesday, 5 October 2010

Halloween Tan? Why not? Piz Buin Lotion to the test

Contradiction much? October is upon us, le petit jardin gets a little  Halloween revamp and I want to blog about ... fake tan. Well, I love a fake  tan, and it instantly boosts my spirits, summer or winter or anytime in  between.  It has taken me forever to find a method and a product I was really happy with. Imagine my despair when I went to repurchase my beloved and trusty Sublime Bronze and they didn't sell the same version anymore. To be fair, I  loved everything about it, apart from the strong smell of chemical but I got  used to it, thinking that all fake tans products stink because of the active tanning ingredient in it.  Anyway, it was time to try a new product.


So I went home with 'Piz Buin' Self tanning tinted lotion,  which promised an  "instant natural looking colour" but most of all a "delicious summer scent".  I don't know if you can read the description on the photo below but basically Piz Buin  says they've cracked it and found an innovative formula which contains lower  level of self tanner one of the main causes of streaks, stain and smells' and  that the "sensual, lightweight & fast absorbing texture is  with a fabulous  fragrance makes it an absolute pleasure to use" for a natural looking  sunkissed in harmony with your skin tone.”


I have been using fake tan for years now so I was not afraid of using it for  the first time even though I had a big day the following day and that my face and arms (where I usually apply it) would be on show constantly. And I was right to blindly trust it: This product gave me a really really nice colour,  so natural, not a streak in sight and I didn't end up orange. It was perfect.  PERFECT.

Would i repurchase it? Not in a million years. I have used this product twice  and I've hated it. In fact, I only used it a second time because I had another special occasion and I hadn't had time to purchase another product. My first gripe with it was the texture. I am used to gel texture which feels like is absorbed  in the skin in a flash and this felt like it really needed a lot of rubbing  in. Then when it was time to take it off  in the morning (I usually do my tan overnight) it took absolutely forever to took it off. Whereas you would just need to rinse  it off if I had used a self tanning gel, again, this felt like it needed a lot  of rubbing. I was thinking that I was going to remove the actual tan if I carry on rubbing like this. This didn't make me comfortable at all and it already made me freak out that I would end up streaky and that the tan would  not stay as long. Well it didn't end up streaky, and it lasted as long as my  previous tans 3-4 tans max but the texture was a no no for me.

My biggest disappointment was the very thing Piz Buin banged about! It was the smell. Dear me! Delicious summer scent? As  if! Smell of burnt cookies more like. If you're going to do smell of burnt, Piz Buin, how about smell of burn toast? I admit it wasn't as bad the second time I used it but I think I'd rather stick to the traditional chemical smell I am  used to. What a shame! Gorgeous natural colour yes but not worth it for me.  So I am back to square 1, looking for my favourite fake tan. Let me know which  fake tan product, texture or formula etc rocks your boat. I'd love to hear. If  you're reviewed one that you really liked, feel free to leave your blogpost address, I don't mind :) Please tell me what I should try next :)

p.s hey, do you like my new banner? ^_^
This is where the makeup look comes from.


Richard said...

Well well,
Just thought I'd drop in to say that your new look site is very swish! Honestly, anyone would think that you liked Halloween or something :)
Keep being batty!


liloo said...

aww, thank you for taking the time to comment, very sweet of you x

Beauty's Bad Habit said...

Eee! You Halloween layout has me all giddy! The only fake tans I've used are the Dove gradual tanning moisturiser, which smells a bit funky and doesn't make much of a difference to my skin - I use it as a regular moisturiser! Boots 17 do a wash off one, which actually has a really nice colour (just beware spilling drinks on nights out on your legs - drippy tan is not attractive!). And then St/ Moriz, which has the best colour/ application for me - plus, it's damn cheap!

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