Wednesday, 6 October 2010

Nyx Team Spirit, Milani Atlantis: Review & Recreation Look

A long time ago, long long time ago I received this beautiful Nyx trio palette "team spirit" as part of a 'across the pond' makeup swap with my friend Jessica  aka TheKillerBurrito on YouTube.  Along with this palette, buried in a sea of other American goodies, a little individual shadow from Atlantis which looked like your average drugstore makeup.



Like my 2 previous nyx trio eyeshadow trio palettes, I was once again super impressed: great pigmentation, so soft to the touch (but not too soft like the 120 palette) and very easily blendable, and as usual in its neat little palette with a mirror and everything. It just had to go on my eyes, asap and I just couldn't wait. The minute I saw it, it reminded me of a beautiful makeup look Sophie from @Melovemakeup blog created before (She did her look with Boots17 Cosmetics 'Dolly Mixture'). 

I did this recreation months and months ago and I have always been in two minds (is that the expression?) about posting it as I am not very happy with the result. In the end, what made me decide to go for it is that many people on blogs and YouTube create make up looks, people comment that they like it and feel inspired by it but most of the time, the artist never sees how the others have interpreted and recreated their makeup. Sophie: I hope this doesn’t make you want to stop doing makeup looks lol xx


This look makes me yawn just looking at it. It looks absolutely nothing like Sophie’s and I also had to make do without her Arabic liner as I *just* don't suit black pencil on the waterline. I really don't like my recreation, I look PALE as anything, so please take this post as more of a colour swatch on the eye rather than a proper look I would want to show off. What a shame. I might try again one day with some matte shadows. I am stubborn like that.

On me, the look lacks definition. So I went ahead and added a bit of  Milani Atlantis blue eyeshadow  in the crease to add a bit of depth.


I feel it looks better but I'm still not crazy about the look.


However, I was totally sold by Milani Atlantis. I have so many eyeshadows, but just like that, with one swatch it became my favourite blue eyeshadow: pigmentation is incredible, and texture is so velvety smooth, it applies and blends like a dream on the lids. In fact, I know it's bright blue and not easily wearable but I remember quite vividly wanting to play with this shadow again and I couldn't put it down. This little shadow made me want to purchase a lot more Milani eyeshadows. If only I just could just pop down to my local Boots to swatch some. *sigh*  Have you got some milani eyeshadows? Anything you would recommend?



Heather S. said...

I think this looks amazing - even subtle enough for an evening out! If you were wanting to make it pop more, I bet you could use your Shu Uemura yellow eyeliner under the yellow in the quad to make it stand out even more :) Just an idea :) Still, I really love this! I also can't really suit black eyeliner on my waterline, but I still do it, haha :) xx

Heather S. said...

Ah, and I just bought the Milani blush in Mai Tai. I hear it's amazing, so maybe you should try it! I'll probably review it soon! :)

Ms. Wedgie said...

Wowsers!!! Look at that blue! Love it!! I've never actually heard of Milani before (does that make me a bad blogger :/ lol) You look super goregous hun! I think it looks great...if I'd have attempted to try and recreate something similar it would probably look like it had been applied by a drunk drag queen! Eeek!

Sophie said...
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Sophie said...

I think it looks fab! I especially like it when you added the Milani shadow, it really added some definition and made it more vivid, It's a gorgeous blue too! ..

I'm so glad that you posted this. Thank you for being inspired... By me!?! Hahaa xxx

PS: I deleted the last comment cos of a fail!

Eyelining said...

It looks amazing! I am envious of your makeup skills lol. It's such a shame that we can't get brands like Milani in the UK. I feel like we are missing out! x

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