Wednesday, 23 February 2011

A new revolutionary way to cover/block your eyebrows?

Eyebrow Covering or Blocking: now would you want you want to cover your eyebrows? There are many instances when you would be wanting to cover your brows. You could be wanting to recreate a 1920's inspired makeup look, where the focus is on the eyes and lips and the brows usually very pale or non existent:

071025_illamasqua_7_010-rt1 0501anna

Or creating a drag makeup look: erasing your own eyebrows and creating instead higher and exaggerated ones:

Jeffree Star  1-D-P-030-Taft

or you could be doing some all over face makeup, where the eyebrows are in the way and where the look would would look better if the eyebrows didn't exist and were out of the way.

Petrilude   Petrilude

Joannadelilah     Joannadelilah

There are plenty of tutorials on how to cover your eyebrows on YouTube and many methods too, from using glue stick, soap, spirit gum etc.. But the general consensus is that it's a very tedious, frustrating, time consuming process and one heck of a skill to acquire and master, especially if your eyebrows are thick and very dark. This process is so irritatingly frustrating, you'd be wanting to shave your eyebrows to be done with it.

YouTube makeup artist/guru anaarthur81 has treated us to many dramatic and extreme makeup looks, many of them involving the tedious need for eyebrow covering and came up with a GENIUS idea which I can’t wait to try myself:

The use of surgical tape as a way to mask
and cover your eyebrows effortlessly.

Why didn’t anyone come up with this genius idea before? It makes so much sense and is also so easy to find, in any country and so affordable.  Watch how she does it, when she transforms herself into a snow drag queen, and the impeccable seamless coverage of her brows:

Have you ever done a makeup look which needed eyebrow covering?


Gamusina said...

I saw Ana's video this morning and I was amazed!! She's so clever... my brows are not too dark but I have never been able to make them invisible... I will try this method for sure :)

femketje said...

i've never tried it before actually ^^

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