Wednesday, 9 March 2011

Heads up: Challenge Rae and win some makeup :)

Is there a makeup look you've been trying to achieve but just simply can't quite get right? How fab would it be to have a professional makeup artist at your beck and call to show you the steps on how to achieve that look?

Now is your chance. Professional Makeup Artist Rae is taking tutorial requests. Submit your tutorial request to her here. If you tutorial idea gets chosen:

1. Rae will recreate the idea of the makeup look you're submitted
2. You will win 2 Beautyuk Makeup products of your choice: anything you like, any value. Yep! :)

Where's the catch? There's none but you need to get in there quick as competition ends Friday 11 March 23.59 GMT. So get your creative thinking cap back on, challenge Rae and win yourself some makeup. Easy as that! :) x

disclaimer: I have not been contacted to tell you about this competition and I am not affiliated with Beautuk (i wish lol) I just love the company a lot and wanted to give you the heads up on another cool competition.


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