Saturday, 12 March 2011

My long but luscious day …

We've all been there before: at times we feel very unhappy with our skin, like it's the driest/spottiest in the whole world and that it needs some serious drastic help. So do what we do? We go and buy the most heavy duty treatment we can find. Most of the time we find that the heavy duty treatment we've found is too harsh or that we've been overdoing it. 

If you feel the same for your hair, there are some new products for you to try. Aussie Haircare has just launched a range of new conditioners called 'Lusciously Light'. The idea is give you the same quality conditioning action (and legendary gorgeous smell) but with a lightweight formula. Did they just create one lightweight product just for one type of hair? No! They went to create lightweight versions for the 6 most popular conditioners and for two of their 3 minute miracle treatments.


I was very fortunate to be sent one product of the new 'lusciously long' range to try. In true Aussie style, it was delivered to me the most amazing way: emulating the new logo, a kangaroo being lifted by balloons, I received my lusciously light luscious long conditioner lifted by a giant helium balloon. How extravagantly fabulous is that!

SAM_5009 Image55


Like a jack in a box, the balloon sprung out and was the first thing which greeted me (and my nosy colleagues) when I untied the Aussie purple ribbon of the huge parcel. I then had to give a little presentation to my colleagues about Aussie haircare and this new line of products. I felt ever so special. After work, one of my colleagues asked me if I wanted to have a 'lift' home. Usually I would skip on the occasion (pun intended) but this time, I just wanted to walk home and be noticed with my balloon, hoping to be asked what it was.


It’s been a long week, but what a luscious ending to it !
Thank you very much. Me (and colleagues afore mentioned!) can’t wait to try this new conditioner



Phoebe said...

can't wait to see if it takes on the task of my thin locks!

ModestyBrown said...

This new range sounds really interesting. I do love the smell of Aussie haircare products. I look forward to hearing what you think
Jane x

LilyLipstick said...

I'm a new Angel too - this was such a lovely surprise to get in the post! Can't wait to try out the conditioner. x

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