Sunday, 26 June 2011

Me, myself and my under eye triangles

Do you sometimes feel that it's that the people who are in most in need of certain things who ignore the existence of these things and the little boost it could do to their self confidence? I've seen women with a potential cracking figure but who let themselves down and their figure by wearing an ill fitting bra? Maybe that's the trauma of having your breast measured, I don't know. I've got practically no lashes whatsoever and the little I have are hopelessly thin and straight. Do I wear any mascara? I don't even bother most of the time, there is only so much a mascara can do. Plus the flaming mascara always slips down on my face, making me look worse.

 I 'suffer' (I am not in pain or anything but I can't find a better word) from very bad eye circles It's always been there. It feels like that I have never had enough fat under my eyes to cover the orbit of my eye. It's the bane of my life. Do I wear under eye concealer? Do I heck? I've tried to, but I find it settles into the {not so fine anymore} lines and I get even more self conscious.

I was bored in the train journey and took this picture of myself using my the camera of my phone. The only makeup I am wearing on this picture is foundation. and that’s it. nothing else. Admittedly this is still a VERY flattering picture of me but at least it doesn't have the 'beauty shot' setting of my usual camera and is much more accurate picture of me. This photo hasn't been smoothed in any way, shape or form (eeek!) but does have a colour filter applied to it to make it look better.


This puffed by nature under eye action, combined with my droopy lids is what I hate my eyes more than anything else on my face. These very eyes are the reason why ALL MY LIFE people have been giving me comments. Total strangers (for some reason the majority being taxi drivers!!) who I have never met before would comment that I look tired. I get ‘you look tired’ comments all the time. I have often been asked if I smoke weed because my eyes look like I am high on something. niiiiice!

The worst was that this ticket control guy in Manchester train station asking me if I have been in a fight because of the way my eyes look. Naturally, it would have caused a riot if I did retaliate and asked him if he had been sleeping in a bed of charcoal the night before because of the colour of his skin. Rest assured that I didn’t make that offensive racial comment but I was left rather offended myself.


But I have decided to fight back. A colleague at work (from a different department than me, I probably see her maybe 3 times a year, if that) thought it would be lovely to comment on how tired I look. I said ‘You look like you’ve put on weight yourself’. Somehow she never felt the need to comment on tired I look. I wonder why?

Highlighted below the bane of my life, my under eye action, or under eye triangles as I'd to call them.


and below, me and my very potent under eye concealer ... it's called Paint Shop Pro. *sigh*


Back to the real world, I am not getting younger. It’s about time I took care of myself and use an under eye concealer. I would love it:

if you could tell me the under eye concealer you swear by, the one that you've been purchasing the most and which you feel (if that does exist) actually does conceal/improve something and doesn't seep into your smiles lines.

Is it concealer or highlighter which I need?
Any pointers would be most appreciated,
thank you so much for reading xx


Anonymous said...

I use a cold gel eye mask, or cold teabags to reduce the puffiness under my eyes, and then I use a highlighter.

You are very pretty though, and despite the 'under eye triangles' you have beautiful eyes!

A x

Claire@Eyelining said...

I haven't found a holy grail under eye concealer but what I do find helps is setting it with some kind of silica based powder. it seems to help stop it creasing into fine lines. And for the record hun, your eyes look perfectly lovely to me x

MidnightDraven said...

Though I generally don't care, the one thing I have found to be amazing is a colour corrector.
The Jillian Dempsey for Avon colour corrector palette, the pink really helps to correct the blueness and makes any dark circles disappear.
If I could be bothered to foundate/conceal/blush myself for work, it would always be the one thing I'd reach for.

Simone G said...

Hey missus, people can be so rude. Sorry to hear how bad you are feeling about this.
Do you use eyecream? If not, you should try it out. Stick it in the fridge and apply it in the mornings, it will de-puff the under eye area and provide a good base for your concealer. I recommend Bobbi Brown Creamy Concealer as its heavy enough for cover shadows and lines but light enough that it doesn't cake and it looks nice and dewy under the eye. xxx

Perdita said...

Tell me about it! Your 'triangles' look fine BTW ... I have dark shadows that look like someone has rubbed coal dust from my inner eye to half way down my cheek.

So I get told I should sleep more... from strangers who have no idea how much I sleep arrgh!!

A few years ago a make up artist I was working with advised me that matte concealer would work better than the light-diffusing one I had been using: and I am so grateful. Clinique's standard concealer is a godsend (or Rimmel hide-the-blemish if I'm short of cash).

Perdita said...

Oops forgot my links:
This is the clinique one, to me it works better than eye concealers (I suspect they are not designed for 'problem eyes' like mine which need a matte, strong coverage):

The rimmel one, I add a little moisturiser on the end of my finger then the concealer, as it can 'tug' if you just rub the stick under my eye.

xmisslorix said...

Haha, bed of charcoal :P
I have really pale skin naturally and my eye bags are awful sometimes. They have a crazy bright bluish tinge that makes them drive me mad.
I use maxfactor panstick on those bad boys to get rid of them and a well applied highlighter on my brow bone and inner corners of my lids to distract but I can never make them dissapear completely.

you look lovely though xx

missy_ellie_uk said...

I've never found a holy grail under eye concealer. Camera flash is my friend. My under eye circles are basically from the fact that I have really deep-set eyes combined with hamster cheeks - I think when your under eye problems come from the actual structure of your face, and genetics, unfortunately there is very little you can do about it!

Being naturally very pale, from when I was little people would always say "ooh you look a bit washed out/peaky/tired" and I agree, it is rude. Probably the reason why I now pretty much always use fake tan and loads of blusher, because I've been convinced I look at death's door without it.

But remember that everyone has a thing they obsessively disklike about themselves (facewise, I hate my profile. Hate hate hate it) and you always see it more on yourself than anyone else every does.


LauraSummer said...

I feel your pain, in my concealer test before & after I photos I actually do look like I've been punched in the face- yours really don't seem so bad! I hate people trying to notify me as well, so rude.
I'm using mac pro longwear concealer at the moment as it doesn't crease, but it isn't perfect xx

jaljen said...

You are lovely. The rest of us (I can guarantee) are going, "What's she on about?"

Best advice is to use a slightly darker colour contrary to the advice usually given. Help the 'problem' area recede. But mine are so bad that nothing works.

Accentuate the positive. Make the lips the focus if you aren't happy with the eye-area.

Galen said...

I avoided undereye concealer for years thinking it didn't work and / or creased on me. But I happened to take photos of my EOTD while at work on two consecutive days, and even the small amount I'd applied made a HUGE difference to how lit up my face looked. I've been using it daily ever since.

I guess I'm suggesting you try it out and take "normal" photos for comparison rather than just looking in the mirror and deciding it's a waste if time!

nicola said...

I have the exact same problem, i dont mind so much if its someone i know saying it but complete strangers your want to say to them well you're not exactly perfect yourself love so bog off commenting about my eyes thankyou! A concealer i've found is good after reading lots of blogs on it is Collection 2000 Lasting Perfection concealer and its only £4.19

femketje said...

i never use an undereye concealer but when i do it's a simple one by catrice :)

Pandora said...

The problem is probably HOW you use an undereye concealer. You want as little as possible. I tend to layer two very very lightly. First some of the garnier tinted roll on, patted in very gently, but not directly under the lashline where the fine lines are. Then I'll use either Make-up for Ever lift concealer or, my new and very exciting discovery, Collection 2000 Lasting Perfection concealer, very very sparingly in the inner corners and downwards where I'm darkest, but again NOT all under the eye. I also avoid any foundation on my undereye area as this contributes to cakiness. Seriously, you want the most minimal amount of product on the delicate eye area.

Sorry it was long, but hope that helps.

Sue said...

I like Bobbi Brown creamy concealer mixed with a litle of Clinique's all bout eyes gel :)

nav said...

I got 17's hide and chic concealer recently, my undereye circles are awful, much worse than yours (and yours aren't even bad!), it really seems to make a difference when applied and doesn't crease. I also have Korres Watermelon one and that works well, leaves a slight reflective sheen though. Another one I'll just throw in is Loreal's concealer/highlighter, that covers them up really well, but use too much and you have shiny undereyes lol xx

Strawberry Blonde said...

As others have said, I think you imagine the problem to be worse than it is and have been unlucky enough to come across some rude people in life! I've been told that concealer should be used to cover shadows and highlighter on top of that to reflect light. This works for me. Agree re application - a brush gives a much better result. I use Laura Mercier secret camouflage (good but not perfect) with By Terry La Veloute on top (amazing stuff - much better than touche eclat imo).

Y said...

-Do you smoke weed?
-Heck YEAH I smoke weed.
Sheesh, some people and their questions...
Anyway, bobbi brown set with translucent powder or it creases like crazy, got a review on it on my blog

SilhouetteScreams said...

I don't have a HG concealer or any product recommendations (I'm still searching...) but UGH people can be such assholes. People complain that some girls wear too much makeup, but when I go without makeup these same douchebags ask if I'm tired or sick >:|

ann said...

Try Laura Mercier secret camouflage! It's the best I have used, but of course, I'm always on the hunt for the next best. (:
I use the pink toned section first (where my dark circles are the worst), and then I mix both together and apply it where I need it. TADA!
If I'm having really bad day though, I'll add ByTerry's touche veloutee on top. If I'm having a good day, I'll just use the ByTerry. It's much, much better than the touche eclat! It actually COVERS.

I'm in high school, so pretty much everyone has dark circles daily, so I don't have to deal with those questions. But, when people do ask, I do get a bit annoyed. I mean, COME ON! Especially if I've spent some time on concealer!

*HAHAAA. I was just reading the above comments and I realize that I've pretty much written the same thing as Strawberry Blonde! WOW. What a coincidence... I swear I didn't read her post before writing this!

Phoebe said...

Do you use a good eye cream? I think that would be the best place to start - prevention is cheaper than the cure!
Love the weight comment ;)

Ashleigh said...

Amazing Cosmetics Concealer OR Laura Mercier's Secret Concealer are the two that I swear by. Coming in a close third is Too Faced Absolutely Flawless concealer.

Eye creams can help with puffiness and circles. Ole Henriksen makes a gel that works wonders and so does Skyn Iceland. They're both $40USD-ish but completely worth it.

Jadegrrrl said...

I feel like I have the same issues with my eyes, lids under eyes the whole package, I currently like the skinfood salmon dark circle concealer in shade 1, it's pretty cheap on ebay and works just as well (if not better) than my Laura Mercier secret concealer. Plus a small amount goes a long way :)

emalyce89 said...

Even though you already have a lot of advice on here, I feel as though I should say something...I would try a salmon-colored concealer (VERY lightly apply it. It's easier to mask any bluish/greenish tones) Then highlight the inner corner of your eyes with something with pinks in it (unless you have a yellow tone to your skin...I can't gauge that for you via internet/pics.) If you do have yellow undertones, then go with a orangey-gold color. Use any face primer if you're worried about pores & lines, then place your concealer on. Over the top of that, put your foundation on and set it with a translucent powder...

try these products:
concealer: Bobbi Brown or Eve Pearl if you're not worried about budget; Coastal Scents if you are.

highlight: High Beam (pink) from Benefit--non budget; Boots has a pink one (forgot what it's called though) OR Moon Beam (golden) from Benefit, or use a shimmery bronzer with a gold hue.

Next step is to line your bottom lash line with a dark color (like dark brown or black...) this brings attention away from your "bags" and helps your eyes look a little smaller. (and your lash line appear a little fuller) On your lid, focus on bringing out the color of your eyes...but use warmer tones, like plum, etc. =) This will instantly brighten your eyes!

Hope this helps, Liloo!

Angie Kayles said...

Using an eye cream really has helped reduce my under eye circles, and the concealer I swear by is Rimmel Match Perfection Concealer/Highlighter. I hope you find something that works hun! :)

Makeup Morsels said...

I think the best type of concealer for neutralizing undereye circles is a salmon toned concealer. I swear by Skin Food Salmon Dark Circle Concealer, since it instantly cancels out my dark circles, yet doesn't look too 'obvious' on me. However, I don't know what your skintone is, and for reference I'm NC15 and that concealer only comes in 2 shades (I'm using the darkest one). But I would recommend that you hunt for a concealer that has a salmon-colored tint, esp. if your dark circles are slightly purplish. Hope that helps!

Dennis said...

Stress, smoking and lack of sleep may be some of the factors why you have puffy and tired-looking eyes. A good eye cream may take the puffiness away. But if it doesn't have an effect on you anymore, surgery is the next option.

-Dennis Rode

Faye Curtiz said...

Another great way to remove dark circles is by getting enough rest. Sleep is actually the most classic cure for puffy eyes and dark circles under eyes since this really works. If you do not have quality sleep, your face will literally sag. When a person sleeps, the circulation within the body is increased, which includes the eyes and the face. But, one essential thing to keep in mind when sleeping is to make sure that your head is slightly elevated. If your head is on downward angle when you are sleeping, the body fluids might rest in the eye area, which can lead to eye puffiness.

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Naturalherbs Solutions said...

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