Monday, 13 June 2011

Reliving the past: A rather unconventional kind of review... on a beauty blog.


This happened a year ago but I am still thinking about it from time to time. One thing led to another, in a conversation with Antoine and Jude on twitter, we were talking about grooming treatments for men, and in particular the hair removal process on men intimate parts of the body (waxing the sack and crack to put it bluntly). From then on, Jude and I were joking about Antoine blogging about the waxing experience and providing some pictures. One thing led to another, and I suddenly remember this episode one year ago:

Think of a beauty blogger who you are following on YouTube for her makeup tutorials and products review. You've been following her for a while, you actually entered a makeup contest she hosted on YouTube, you follow her blog and chat to her on twitter. One day, literally popping up on your dashboard, a rather unconventional review: your beauty blogger accepts to review ... a sex toy.

What do you do? Do you read it? I am no prude girl but this was definitely a review I was not expecting to find on a beauty blog. Imagine you're watching a scary film with someone and that there are bits you just can't bear to watch and hide your head under a pillow and ask when it's safe to watch. I was like that. I just couldn't bring myself to read it and had to ask others to read it for me, to see if it's ok.

It turns out that Kayla's review was very well written, and that {excuse the pun} no demo or swatches were shown. But boy, it took me for ever to read it, as I was stopping every few words, expecting to read the worst. I guess, the anticipation was the worst

I guess I'm going to have to link to the review to you now...

Would you accept to review similar products on your beauty, lifestyle or fashion blog?
Do members of your family read your blog?


Hayles said...

Personally I wouldn't, not because it doesn't fit with how I blog (it doesn't) but there are somethings that I am quite private about (which surprises people who only know me via Twitter, etc, they assume I talk about anything!)
I'm not really interested in reading that sort of review on a beauty/fashion/lifestyle blog either, I'd rather read reviews on the site that sells the items.

Perdita said...

I wouldn't just because I rarely do reviews of anything other than places-to-go. My blog isn't that 'personal' so to speak, also I don't think everyone who reads would be interested (I don't think anyone would be offended, just not expecting it).

Also TBH I would find it embarrassing to write about to some extent!

emalyce89 said...

Wow, I know what you would shock me if I had been in your shoes too. lol.

Anyway, would I want to review one? Not on my blog where my family, friends, and church friends read my postings...and especially since it wouldn't be appropriate on my blog since I rarely review products for one, and two, I blog a lot about Christian things. LOL that would be pretty hilarious though. =0 As far as writing a review separate from my blog, maybe. It would really depend on what kind of toy. HAHAHA

Robyn said...

Swatches? EW.

I wouldn't do something like that - it's not the right outlet at all. There are girls who are in school who read my blog... you have to think about who's reading. My mum and sister read my blog! I'm in no way a prude, either... I used to work for Ann Summers - I *know* how to sell a dildo :/ Apart from sex being good for your skin I just don't see the connection!

Ms Red said...

Not my cup of tea to be honest, if I was going to want to write about sex toys I would have already.
Again I'm no prude, it's just not what I blog about.


The Student's Guide To Nail Polish said...

Lol! Well, I wouldn't necesserily expect to read about it on a beauty blog but to be honest lots of bloggers write about and review random things so I don't consider this to be much different.

I wouldn't really be concerned about young kids, callous as it sounds - she's not their mother, and it's not like your average ten year old could/would order one of those online after seeing it being blogged about? She puts a disclaimer at the beginning of the post, it's your choice as to whether to read on or not.

xmisslorix said...

haha amazing, I love her, I probably would write something like that as a one off too.

At the end of the day its her blog so she can write about whatever the heck she wants and if she fancies blogging about sexy glass objects go her.... everyone knows that that kind of activity makes you look more radiant and beautiful anyway so it is kind of relevant :P

love it


Jude said...

Liloo I'm still giggling at how out of control our conversation got (small twig in a large bush) (no swatches) etc, but seriously I still can't believe the bravery of that beauty blogger :) Jude xx

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