Wednesday, 27 July 2011

Flamingo Inspired Giveaway :: OPEN ::

Hello my lovely readers :)

As promised earlier on this week, I have a small giveaway for you. Since the release of the Miami Pop Collection and its cute flamingo imagery, I had fun collecting a few makeup items, in shades of pink and orange, reminiscent of the flamingo bird.


The flamingo pack contains:

- 17 Cosmetics Nail Polish (Limited Edition) Miami Pop, in Palm Beach (pink) (see my post here)
- Boots No.7 Nail Polish in Tangy (orange)
- Girls with Attitude 'Glamour' False Eye Lashes
- Barry M 'Wink' Black Marker for eyes (eyeliner in black)
- Rimmel  Glam'Eyes Day 2 Night Mascara
- Barry M Lipstick (shade 151)
- 17 Cosmetics Lipstick (pink power)


Above, the 2 lipsticks and the eyeliner swatched, using testers from the shop. Your prize has been unopened and remains brand new.


How to enter:

This giveaway is for all my blog readers from all over the world. It will end on Thursday 11 August 2011, 23.59 BST (UK). All I would like you to do, to enter in this comment giveaway is to tell me:

Where would you like to go on holiday? or Tell me about a past holiday which you have really enjoyed
--- your name
--- your email address
--- how you found out about this giveaway
(any additional entries you may ask? nah! I won't ask you to tweet about it. I'll be in charge of the pimping promoting. You don't need  to do it.)


1.This comment giveaway is opened to all my blog readers, from anywhere around the world who follow me through  Google connect reader, bloglovin or by email
2.Please make sure to answer the comment giveaway question: 

Where would you like to go on holiday? 
Or tell me about a past holiday which you have really enjoyed?

3. This giveaway will end on Thursday 11 August 2011, 23.59 BST (UK)
4. There will be 1 winner and the winner will be sent the whole Flamingo Pack
5. Winner will be chosen at random with


Claire@Eyelining said...

Aw what a fab giveaway! The prizes are really well thought through. Please enter me! My favourite holiday memories are of the last time I went to Canada with my family. It was the last big family holiday before we all moved out. I'd love to go to Japan one day. My email is and of course I found your giveaway through reading your blog! xx

Summer Loren said...

Hiya, I'd love to be entered.
I would love to go to Jamaica on holiday, I could just imagine the beautiful beaches and getting a golden tan (which will never happen even if I were to go for a short stay on the sun) it just looks beautiful!
Name: Summer
I found out about the giveaway via my GFC/Blogger dashboard! xxx

MissGreenEyes said...

Hey! I've always wanted to see the Northern Lights and I'm not a huge fan of sun holidays so if I could go anywhere on holiday I'd go to Iceland :)

I found out about your giveaway when I checked your blog through my dashboard x

GFC: MissGreenEyes
E-mail: shannairl1983[at]hotmail[dot]com.

Fantastic giveaway, good luck everyone!

CherrySue said...

Ooh 'Mingo' loveliness :)

My favourite holiday memory is from Lanzarote Port, my (then) 11 year old was watching the locals jump from the pier longing to do it. I stood out of my shorts, ran past him & jumped in. He was all of 10 seconds following me.
He still tells his friends about it :D

nicoletta said...

Please enter me hun, ive just come back from majorca and it was lovely but if i could go anywher i would probably choose somewhere like New York but id need lots of spending money too so think that one will have to wait till the kids are grown up and flown the nest lol.

I found this when i was reading twitter and thought id have a catch up as ive been away for a week

Will Design For Makeup said...

Oh well, I would love to visit South America and absolutely see the Machu Picchu area one day, but I guess I'll have to wait :|
My name is Alice, email is: and I'm following you via GFC -> Will Design For Makeup
I found your giveaway because I'm following you on twitter :) Cheers!

Bekka said...

Hey, I would love to go on holiday to somewhere (anywhere) in the Mediterranean! It just always looks so perfect in the pictures :)
Name- Bekka
I found out about the giveaway through my blogger feed (GFC) xx

2sofix said...

thank you for giveaway!:)

My name is 2sofix, and my e-mail adress:
I found this giveaway just on this blog, because I was your follower earlier too. And I found your blog on google.
I would like to go on holiday to London, but its a dream yet.

I hope i wrote everything.:)

Pink Cupcake said...

This is a fantastic giveaway!! I would love not visit new york in the winter. I really want a ride through central park in a horse drawn carriage, visit broadway and SHOP!!

I would love this dream to come true!! :)

Naomi said...

I think I would like to go on holiday to Finland, it's such a beautiful country... or South Africa. I think my favourite holiday so far was in Turkey, although I got proposed to by some random bloke with a fancy looking ring who wanted me to meet his family :/ I then spent the rest of my holiday hiding from him like some sort of agent in a film (I said no and refused the ring, of course), however, it was really fun and mudbaths really are something you've got to try. :D
I found out about this giveaway via my trusty blogger updates on the dashboard that I blatantly check far too religiously :D and my email is and just for the record, my name is Naomi. :P

Arianne Cruz said...

I'd like to go on a Europe tour for a holiday vacation. I'd love to visit UK, France, Italy, Scotland, Ireland, etc.
GFC: Arianne Cruz
I found out about your giveaway coz I'm a follower :)

Mimi said...

this is such an awesome giveaway!

i would love love love to go to london and paris! i always daydream about visiting both cities. to have a grand european tour would be amazing as well. :) :) :)

i follow your blog, and i found out about this giveaway through my dashboard. :)

<3, Mimi

GretalRabbit said...

I spent 3 weeks in New Zealand last year and it really wasn't long enough- it was simply stunning (I need to go again!)

I found out about this lovely givaway (thank you for being so generous) when your blog post popped up in my google reader :)

I'm GretalRabbit on GFC, email is:


collifornia said...

i would like to go to the carribean on holiday.

--- colleen b.
--- holliister at gmail dot com
--- GFC: collifornia
--- i found out about your giveaway from my google reader.

Aisling (: said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Aisling (: said...

awesome giveaway!! :D I'd looove to go on holiday to the Maldives! It'll happen some day haha :) hmmm the best holidays i've been on were visiting boston or when i went to lanzorote with my family and best friend! Sun, friends and shopping.. perfect matches! :)

i found out about this as i was looking through posts on my blogger dashboard :)

Good luck to everyone :)


BekahCat said...

I've never been abroad on holiday, never in my life have I left the British isles... The furthest I've been from my home in Wales is Scotland, which was great fun!
But the place I'd love to go on holiday would be Iceland, the country not the shop! It's such a beautiful place and it's not too hot! I don't really like super hot weather... Plus I want to see the Northern Lights...

I'm Bekah, and I found out about this from you on Twitter! :)

Ana said...

I came back from a volunteer camp in Czech Republic... and then went on a mini-trip to see central Serbia's highest mountain (and our version of Aspen :P ). I was in a medieval camp and I fell in love with it - I learned spinning wool, calligraphy, how to work with leather and make your own bracelets, and, above all, ARCHERY :D :D :D (with medieval bows, not the modern kind)!

Ana, via GFC as Ana, Ana5raa at gmail dot com, my blogger reader :) .

RIA said...

My dream holiday is travelling around Italy: Rome, Venice, Verona - definately stopping to see juliets house. it would be very romantic.

- Ria
- i found out about your giveaway as a follower through google

Ashley Tiernan said...

Great giveaway
I would love to go to Fiji it looks beautiful and warm there. :)
GFC: Ashley Tiernan
I found out about this blog as i follow your blog through GFC. :)

Danielle said...

I would love to go to Hawaii, that would be the best vacation ever!! especially for me I love photography.

name: Danielle
I am subscribed to your blog and saw it on my dashboard.

Stephanie said...

I would love to go to paris, it is such a beautiful place as I have heard.
Name: Stephanie
I follow through google connect.

Sue said...

Hi! Awesome giveaway Liloo!
I saw it in my dashboard
I'm going to Spain in September! Loking forward to that;-)

Jade. said...

Fab giveaway!
I'd love to go on holiday to America and tour around in a hire car, spending around 2 months there. I'd love to learn about the American way of life; even out in the sticks!

Following via GFC - Jade Hewitt
I found out via twitter (@toofat4fashion)

Kat said...

Hmmmm on my next holdiay, I would really love to go to Tibet with my boyfriend (who is going to be my husband soon!)

The last holiday I really enjoyed was Thailand. Food was great and shopping was crazy. I gained a lot of pounds but it was sooo worth it!

I follow you via GFC as Kat
katch05 at gmail dot com

Biba said...

I wish I would see all the wonders of the world, so anywhere near there it would be nice :)

I follow as Biba.

barbara(dot)skledar (at) gmail(dot)com

I follow you, so I found out about this giveaway via my dashboard ;)

emalyce89 said...

wow, it's so hard to pick one specific destination, but I have always wanted to go to Italy. It's part of my family's heritage and it always shows to be so beautiful and simplistic, full of spunky attitude. =]
I have been to Skopje & Ohrid, Macedonia, which was several years ago. I remember so many wonderful things about it...the old architecture, the sights, the smells, the sound of the foreign language! It was amazing!

As for the rest of the details:

my email is, which also tells you my name is Emmy Weiss... & you DM'd on Twitter to notify me of the contest blog posting (THANK YOU, btw! xx) =D

MagalufLady said...

GFC: MagalufLady
I saw the giveaway in my news feed :) The prizes are amazing

I would go to Magaluf, it's my favourite place! I worked there last year and holiday-ed there the two years before that. Everyone is there for the same reason; to get away and party, enjoy yourself while you still can :) I have so many new people in my life just because of going to Magaluf and I love passing on my love of it to my friends that get dragged along for the ride... Well flight I guess it should be

BeautyBangs said...

Loving the look of this prize... it's so summery!

My dream holiday would be a cruise! Don't care where, just love the idea of lounging in luxury on a massive ship!

Name: Steph

Much love xx

KatieEvansxo said...

Love this giveaway!
I would really like to go to Miami on holiday as it seems like the perfect mix of clubs, shopping and beaches which the majority of girls love (me includes)

cotton2 said...

Aw thank you for this giveaway!
I would love to go to last vegas with my girls. We're all turning 21 this coming year so we would finally be legal across the pond!. wooo unfortunately the summer olympics is happening and because this is a one time thing we're going to hold back until 2013 to do something.
Name: Amelia GFC: Cotton2
How I found out about this giveaway? I follow you via GFC and my dashboard had it :)

Lauren said...

This is such a lovely prize :) I've always wanted to go to Fiji! Looks like such a perfect tropical destination!

I found out about this giveaway when it popped up on my blog lovin' feed!


Lauren x

Alhrayth said...

:) thanks for such a nice idea!

I can't tell where I'd like to go on holiday right now because... well, frankly ANYWHERE would be good, I would just like to go - full stop. But I can tell you about one of my fave past holidays, which happened last year, when I visited Tallin (in Estonia)in the middle of January. It will be forever special to me for the emotions I lived there with my friends (I was there to follow a competition where some friends of mine won a medal!) and for the incredibly beautiful frozen scenery: -26°C is really, really cold, but totally worth experiencing to see the frozen sea and the most incredible icicles balancing down from the roofs, the glistening snow and all that ice!

alhrayth (at) gmail (dot) com

how I found out? I read your blog every day! LOL!

Misstania08 said...

Hi Liloo :-)

Name : Tania
Email :

I am a follower so I found about the giveaway here.

My last holiday I went on a cruise and we visited lots of Mediterranean Countries Such as : Rome , Monaco , Spain , Civitavecchia and it was wonderful ! I think a cruise is a great holiday for everyone especially with your loved ones ! Hopefully I will try and go on another one soon :-)

Thanks so much for the opportunity !

Hugs & Kisses


hajnoca3 said...


I love this Giveaway :D

My name is hajnoca3
E - mail adress :
I found your blog in google , and than I saw this pink and nice giveaway
I can't ask , sorry , but I can't speak english so good ..... :D

femketje said...

i'd love to enter :D i follow you via bloglovin and gfc so that's how i found out about the give away

i'm not going on a holiday this summer (i'm working fulltime :( ) but last summer my fiance and i went on a short camping holiday to belgium :) it was lots of fun and the weather was great! eventhough it was close (i'm dutch so belgian people are my neighbours XD) i really liked it!

my GFC: femketje
my email:

Catherine said...

I'd love to go to Scotland on holiday. I think it would be amazing; unfortunately it'll probably be awhile before this happens. :( We did spend the 4 days on the beach though this summer. It was pretty awesome. I found your giveaway through my blogger homepage. :) My email is:

Nicola B said...

I would love to go to Argentina, it´s my number one ambition. My favourite place that I´ve actually been to is Indonesia (Java, Bali and Lombok). It´s great to travel by train because you get to see lots of the beautiful countryside. The people are lovely too.

Nicola / heylinguine(at)hotmail(dot)com
I found out about this giveaway from google reader.


Rhiannon said...

I would love to go on holiday to America. I've never been and would love to visit NY
gfc: Rhiannon
I found this giveaway through twitter (@beautyshewrites) i think it was ellybellybaybee's #ff
Rhiannon x

Janinay said...

Wonderful giveaway!

--- Janine
--- ninmonster at rocketmail dot com
--- Searching through Google. :D

I haven't been out of my house for the longest time! I wanna go to Europe and see Paris! Or to South Korea and stalk my fave Korean stars! ♥

thtgurl said...

I'd like to go to the island's its nice & beautiful & a great place for vacation
GFC: thtgurl
I found out about your giveaway because I'm a follower

Charli said...

I would love to go to the Maldives!!
gfc - tinker_bell1990
email -
I found out about your blog on twitter I think :)

Judy said...

Hello! Firstly, loving this kit - how summery is that?!

My best holiday, as you may have gathered from my tweets, is Ibiza - I was there this time last month and it was, hands down, the best week of my life. Going out clubbing every night in some of the world's best clubs, in my best makeup, with the best atmosphere and more importantly my best friends, made it absolutely amazing - plus I had a little holiday romance out there and thanks to him had my first date in 2 years a couple of weeks back :)

Found out about this via my Google Reader, email is jjjourno[at] and it's Judy Johnson aka judy_jay here!


ksceviour said...

I would love to be able to go to Disneyworld with my hubby and son.! I went to Disneyworld with my family when I was around 8,,and I would love to be able to do that with my own family now.
Karla Sceviour
ksceviour at hotmail dot com
I found out about this giveaway through my google reader...thanks! :)

rosiehannahh said...

Hey lovely! I have always wanted to go on a tour of Asia as the area just fascinates me! Last year I was lucky enough to go to Singapore and Malaysia with my school which was amazing! We got to do so many amazing things that I never thought I would EVER get the chance to even see someone else do! It was truely the most amazing holiday ever :)

I found out about this because you tweeted about it and I then got reminded about it when I was reading through a load of your old posts and saw it again :)

Rosie Harvey xoxo

Kris Beauty said...

Thank you for this sweet giveaway!

I follow you on GFC as Kris Beauty

I follow you on Bloglovin'

I follow you by email :

I found out about this giveaway here, when you posted it

I would like to go to Cyprus on holiday

Georgia said...


I really want to go look at the mayan ruins in south america. There is one that showcases the language and.. yeh im so boring. Erm im changing my answer to *looks at other answers to appear normal* america. Yeh america... :s

I found this giveaway because you posted it on here :).


Karen said...

Nice giveaway!

I'd love to go home to Australia for my Cousin's wedding next month as a surprise. I know she'd like that and so would my family.

aussiegirlblogs at gmail dot com

I found this giveaway because I follow your blog through bloglovin.


Harpreet said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Harpreet said...

enter me please, im a follower.
i would love to go to mexico, with the bf. love the culture and food, lol.

Jesss said...

This is such a lovely giveaway!
I'd love to go to Peru on holiday, I'm in love with the history!
I found your giveaway because I'm a regular reader, follow through GFC
mustbeadreamer [at] hotmail [dot] co [dot] uk
Thanks! xx

Jess said...

My favourite holiday is when I went to Tunisia in 2008. It was for my sisters 21st and it was one of my best holidays to date,sun, brilliant hotel and wonderful people!


I follow through GFC

MissMathful said...


I am a follower via GFC (i think). I really want to go to Rome, I just think there is so much history there...

Have a great day
Steph (also i found the competition on your blog)

Lydia said...

I would love to go back to Tenerife, went there with a friend for an all inclusive holiday last year and loved it!
Name: Lydia
How I found this giveaway: Well I follow your blog of course!

Ms Bubu said...


Enter me please!

Stephanie (follow as MsBubu)
I found out because I follow!

I am just back from Portugal and the weather was brilliant and my boyfriend and I went to the beach (he doesn't like sunbathing)! We also did visit some attractions.

Other than that, I would love to go to Greece, or anywhere sunny!

Thank you!

Kemcaflipflops said...

Oh any holiday, even camping in a field would be nice( well maybe not!) my favourite holiday was a trip to Florida with my Mum & Dad the year before she died. It was amazing fun, my sons were at a great age for the theme parks & thought it was hilarious that their Granny & Di were on all the rides too. We also spent days on the beach from 8am till midnight with pizzas, beer & family olympics. There were so many special memories created with just that one holiday it has to be the best!
Kirsten x
I read about this giveaway here because I'm a GFC follower.

SilhouetteScreams said...

I found out about this giveaway because I'm a follower :)

GFC name: SilhouetteScreams
Email: silhouettescreamsblog at gmail dot com

I'd love to go to the US on holiday because makeup is so incredibly cheap there, and I'd also love to visit Rome for all the sightseeing. I really enjoyed my holiday to Malaysia 2 years ago, because the shopping was so cheap and I was able to buy MAC without getting totally ripped off!

jessnghc said...

GFC: jessnghc
I find this online through google search~^^
i wanna go to Maldives as my holiday coz the scene thr is so beautiful and peaceful. But i still cannot afford the cost.


Cat said...

Hello my lovely, I'd love to enter this, pink is my favourite colour!

My favourite holiday of all time was my recent trip to Paris with Stew. I learnt so much and did so many things - it was amazing!

I found this because I read your blog all the time!!


love you! xoxox

Jules said...


I'm Jules, I'm from Romania and I have discovered your blog looking for swatches and opinions for the Pearl Liners from Beauty UK. Your blog was the one that had them all swatched. Thank you for that :)

And then, I saw Flamingo on the right side of the blog and I got curious.

I would love to see Barcelona in one of my vacations, there is so much to see there. I want to see at least for one in my life the Sagrada Familia.
My vacations tend to be in places that I didn't travel before and that have at least a bit of history. One of my favorite vacations was to Sighisoara, a small place full of medieval history, in Romania. I loved the small streets, the really old houses and the gardens full of roses, there. The peace and quiet of a simple life just makes you feel all warm inside :)

My email is juleslikesmakeup[@]
Thank you and have a great week. If you have the time, just take a peek at my blog. :)

KicsiKriszta said...

Hy I found out about your blog in a blogroll (
My name is Kriszta Jakab, i follow you GFc by KicsiKriszta
My e-mail addrss is:
I have lot's of dream destinations, but at the end of the summer, i will go to visit a friend in Prague, and yes Prague is one of my dream destinations, can't wait!

Neelam said...

Hiya! Just recently started following your blog :)
I'd absolutely love to go to Florida, I went when I was younger but I really want to go again because of Harry Potter Land! Yes, i'm abit obsessed with Harry Potter! I'd like to go reminisce since the end of the films also marked the end of my childhood :(
Great giveaway btw :)
I follow you as Neelam via GFC
my email is


Eni said...

I follow you GFC by Eni.
My e-mail address is:
I would like to go to Bora Bora.:)

Gamusina said...

One of the best trips I've been to was to Japan in 2005... it was 15 days of discovering a different world...

Thanks a lot for the giveaway honey!!
My name is Esther and my e-mail ;)

Carly said...

I have never been abroad before. I would love to go to anywhere in spain mainly because it would be a totally different experience for me. I would also like to try the foods that are available there aswell as enjoying the beautiful beaches and sun.
Where would you like to go on holiday? or Tell me about a past holiday which you have really enjoyed
--- xcarlyyy (Carly)
--- I follow you via GFC and im a fan of the vivid eye looks that you create

Jessie said...

I would absolutely love to visit Prague. Everyone I know of who has been there says it is absolutely beautiful.
My name is Jessie (also my GFC name)
My e-mail is jessica(dot)laughton(at)gmail(dot)com
I found out about your give away by reading through your blog :)

JoshuaRyan863 said...

Where would you like to go on holiday?

Well, To be honest I would love to go on a Vacation to see you guys in Europe! I have lives in Florida USA my whole life!

I would like to visit multiple countries in Europe! The fashion in the UK is absolute amazing! I love the way you guys talk! lol I also would like to Visit Germany! Oh the German men!

Italy for some good food and WINE! & pretty much any place that makes good Cheese & CHOCOLATE! I will be back on the plane home constipated and tipsy! hahaha

Pretty much my dream vacation over any other place I could go!

Scott863 said...

I would like to visit Rome,there is a lot of history there. I want to thank you for this giveaway.
Name: Michael Scott
I found out on Twitter.

JoshuaRyan863 said...

WHOOPS, I forgot to say, I found you on twitter!

Beauty's Bad Habit said...

I think my fave past holiday has to be when we went to Australia. My Dad managed to book us into a red light district by accident (at least he says by accident haha) and it was rather...colourful. Drag queens, transexuals, pimps and whores everywhere. And you know what? The buskers sang Oasis every night outside the hotel window...seems you can never escape Manchester!

Name - Lily
Email - lily175 [at] hotmail [dot]

I found this because I follow your blog!

Anything but your average 16 year old girl said...

I'd love to go on holiday to Morocco! the colours and the sounds really appeal to me, and I can imagine strolling through a bustling market sampling interesting foods *daydream*.

Name - Sara
Email -

I found out about this giveaway because I follow your blog! :)

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