Monday, 15 August 2011

3 Smoky Eyes Palette, Collection 2000

While I was in Superdrug, I spotted this new little '3 smokey eyes' eyeshadow palette from Collection 2000, released last week.


The palette is very cute, ultra portable and very affordable: £4.19.


These are my swatches, taken from a tester from the shop, on a cloudy day.
Call this sheep’s gate (sp?) blogging, I call it resourceful :P


Quick impressions:

The white (shade 3) is a big let down and is nowhere near pigmented enough
Big thumbs up for the silver (1), the two browns (5 & 8) and the black (2)
Shade 6 and 7 are adequate
Shade 4 could have been ok, but it is let down by a fly away glitter.

As for shade 9, well I need to hang in my head in shame about it: If you're anything like me, you won't read the instructions on the palette because you think you're too clever and you don't need them or because you don't want to be dictated on where to place the shadows. But on this occasion, I wish I had taken a picture of the how to at the back, as it would have helped me to understand what the cream is meant to do. Glossy eyes maybe?

Overall: the star of this palette is the lovely lovely lovely matte but not chalky brown in the middle (5), and the the black (2) and the silver (1), silver which is not very well showcased at all on my photo. Had the white been more pigmented, I could have tempted to indulge but for now I can’t warrant it. 

Anyone can spot where the cream was used in the video?

Look at me in the eyes and tell me you don’t want to have a go at recreating this look. I absolutely loved the eyeliner and the popping of silver when the model closes her eyes. My fingers are itching already…


Alhrayth said...

You always make me think I live in the wrong country. No way I'll ever find something like this, for that price. SIGH. On the other hand, it might be a good thing, or my makup stash would probably be three times what it is now!

Anonymous said...

sheep's gate= cheap skate :) Bargain palette

MissMathful said...

seems like a good idea, im not sure the colours are anything out of this world though :S

femketje said...

it looks great :D

Anonymous said...

Great look they make in the video but I have a feeling you need talent to recreate it, unlike say... me. I've seen the palette and I've picked it up, turned it over, contemplated it... might have bought it IF it didn't have the cream whatever it is in there. It just put me off.

And no I didn't spot it being used in the video :/


Midnight Violets said...

I saw this today, it looks nice, but nothing special, I can't decide if I want to buy it or not...

I had a quick peek on the back and the cream apparently is for the inner corner of the eyes. Not sure thats were I'd put it though.


missy_ellie_uk said...

This looks like a handy little palette for holidays/weekend away, when you don't want to take anything too precious, expensive, limited edition with you in case it gets smashed by those naughty baggage handlers.

p.s. totally going to start calling people sheeps-gates.

Ellie x

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