Sunday, 7 August 2011

Free Fluttering Falsies courtesy of Cosmo

Wait, another magazine freebie? What can I say? I like reading magazines. I am massive fan of false eyelashes. One of my favourite brand of eyelashes is Eylure so when the September issue of Cosmopolitan was released with a pair of exclusive lashes, it was a no brainer for me: I just had to buy the magazine. That's right, if you buy the September edition of Cosmopolitan Magazine (£3.50) you can get your hands on a free pair of 115 Eylure lashes.


Straight from the packet, I could see right away that these lashes were the right size for my smalls eyes and wouldn't need any trimming whatsoever. I love it when I don't need to trim the lashes and I can just pop them right on.


They have an invisiband type of lashline which I am not a fan of. I much prefer solid yet thin lashlines, as I do not like the appearance of the little gaps of emptiness.


The little gaps of emptiness, in close up action shot:
They could have done with being applied a smidge closer to the lashline


The Eylure 115 flare on the outside corner. This not my preferred shape of lashes but you might like it. I am paranoid enough about the my droopy lids and I feel that this particular shape doesn't suit my eyes. Ideally, I would have preferred them either straight or the same length as the inner corner.


And with a little bit of eyeliner on. I’ve misplaced my trusty H&M eyeliner, so I had to use my basic 2true eyeliner. Sorry for the wobbly hand and the lack of liner opacity.


And with a bit of slap on:



Final Verdict: These lashes are very good quality, were easy to apply and needed no trimming. However, I am not a fan of the invisiband lashline and the outer flaring shape. The human hair material gives an added natural look to the lashes but they will need plenty of eyeliner to conceal the ‘the little gaps of emptiness’. If you do like the shape of the lashes, they are very good value for money: the vertical curl is superb, the horizontal curve is spot on,  and you won’t be disappointed.

Happy false lashing :) x


xmisslorix said...

They look nice on actually I've got a set of them too but I'm more a fan of big massive lashes, the invisiband puts me off a bit too but they really suit you.
I love lashes xx

missy_ellie_uk said...

Ooh, I like the look of these - I actually prefer the invisible band ones and the shape od these. Surprised no magazines have thought of this as a freebie before!

p.s. even though you think they don't suit you - they look great! x

Jess said...

I like these. I am a little apprehensive with falsies, I had a natural pair from eyelure and they didn't make a difference maybe, because I have mediumish lashes. But i'll try these from cosmopolitan as they are a little more dramatic.

MissMathful said...

im not a fan of the invisible band either... saying that i really cant put false lashes on... :D

Phoebe said...

Eylure 110s are my faves, not sure about the gaps in these either, they look a little too false.

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