Friday, 12 August 2011

My favourite reads

I've always considered myself more as blog reader than an actual blogger. Blog reading is a big deal to me, and checking for new content for my 300+ blogs subscriptions have become part of my daily routine. More than 300 blogs is a lot and I follow each one of them for a unique reason.

There's probably no one quite like Jangsara to blow me away with her make up skills, MakeupbyKaty for her eyebrow transformations, You've got Nail for her amazing photographs and reviews of nails polishes and I could go and on and on.

But if I had to narrow it down to just 2 beauty blogs which wow me on every aspect, without the shadow of a doubt, I would say that LIPGLOSSIPING and COSMETIC-CANDY are my ultimate favourite beauty blogs. As if blogging every day was not impressive enough, their posts have an unique style of writing: witty, friendly, humourous, and with a little bit of sarcasm. Their humour is not forced , they are just naturally funny people and it makes it more even more captivating to follow their beauty adventures. And to top it all, they have amazing photography skills.

Outside their blogs, they are a joy to follow on twitter and keep me entertained. I will never forget the day when I first posted about nail polish (I was so shy, I only painted my thumbnail then) and when supported me and commented on my blog. I wanted to frame that comment as the encouragement and boost it gave me has been truly uplifting. I am beyond grateful to the time they spend blogging: it makes me happy.

Outside the realm of beauty blogging, I've been following LUVANDHAT has me in hysteric fits of laughter pretty much every time they post. Luv(e) and Hat(e) follows a very simple yet genius concept. It is a hilarious match of opinions on everyday topics between (mostly) Stuart and Robyn. I am not quite sure when they find the time to blog outside their busy jobs but I am so glad they do as they keep entertained from daily humdrum. If you're new to Luv and Hat, oh boy you're in for a treat. You could start by reading their post on the 'Post Office' and 'Google +'.

For its second year running, Cosmopolitan Magazine wants to celebrate the best of British Blogs and are running their Blog Awards. They are inviting blog readers to nominate their favourite blogs. If you had a minute, I would be so grateful if you could help me support my favourite reads and nominate them to the Cosmo Blog Awards 2011. To do so, it's very easy, go to: and paste their blog address:

Cosmetic-Candy: (Established Beauty Blog Category)
Lipglossiping: (Established Beauty Blog Category)
LuvandHat: (Lifestyle Category)



MissMathful said...

i think its really iportant to support the blogs you enjoy and share the love :D

Ana said...

I love shoutout/support posts, videos, whatever - it's nice when somebody likes something, it's nice when they share it and it's nice to find something to love for yourself :) .

Phoebe said...

I think you're the first bloggers that's shone the Cosmo spotlight on someone else. I love it!

Ana said...


I've been reading LUV & HAT and laughing along with every post - they've got some killer lines.

Thank you, thank you, thank you :D !

Stuart Heritage said...


Strawberry Blonde said...

So cool of you to do this liloo x

Olivia said...

Just took a look at Luv and Hat. What a great rec! Hilarious!

Lipglossiping said...

This is so ridiculously kind of you Liloo. MASSIVELY kind.

More than any award, you just taking the time/effort to be so lovely and say such warming things means a very big deal to me. Thank you my love x said...

Oh Liloo this is so sweet of you and generous, as always.

Thank you for your support, you've always been great and look at your own blog - it's taken great shape and you have amazing make up skillz.

And I will always love you more than Lipglossiping btw.


missy_ellie_uk said...

I meant to post yesterday and say - thankyou for introducing me to LUV & HAT - it's bloody brilliant! x

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