Thursday, 4 August 2011

Pout Painting

I've never been a 'lip' kind of person really When I  play with makeup, I like to focus the drama on the  eyes and tend to go for a very neutral lip colour.  I'm not a fan of textures of lipsticks either: I  usually find them sticky, messy, and not very comfortable to wear all around. When I first heard  of lip pigments, I had been wanting to try them  hoping they might give me the colour I want but  perhaps without the stickiness and usual gripes I  have about lipsticks.

At £10 a small tube, even when you apparently need a tiny little droplet to cover your own  lip, there was no way I was going to indulge in the  OCC (Obsessive Compulsive Cosmetics) lip tars,  probably the most talked about lip pigments to date.  But when Sleek Makeup decided to release their  version of lip tars at half the price, £4.99, I  thought it might be the time to try some.


They say:
'The best of lipgloss, lipstick and a little bit  extra'
'Be a shade braver and have fun mixing pout paint to  achieve your own unique shade.
Pout pain releases the makeup artist in you and is  available in 11 shades.
'No more irritating tackiness or having to worry  about coverage wearing off, just bags of colours and  long-staying power.
I say:

Umm, there goes my ‘I am only going to spend a fiver in this’ out of the window since the ultimate purpose of the pout paint  is buy a few shades, let your creativity run wild and create your own shades.

There are 11 shades on offer and these were officially released in selected Superdrug Stores today:



First Impressions: a huge massive disappointment not  to see a black pout paint in there. What a crying shame. Since  the pout paint is hailed as being long lasting, I  was hoping to wear one of them for Halloween,  perhaps some sort of vampirish lip with black in the  outer corners or just full black, and forget about it and party the night away.

I came home with 3 shades:

Image3  Image5

This is the moment where I confess not having a lip brush. So I used a eyeliner brush to apply my first Pout Paint, which was milkshake. As as result, my application was very uneven. I doubt nobody, apart from Nicky Minaj would want to wear this on its own.


Magda in ‘Something about Mary’ called and said she wants her lipstick back…


Next, is a shade I had my mind set on trying from the very beginning. This is Rosetta:



and last but not least, the bright and majestuous Pinkini



My thoughts: I’ve got so many things I want to say about them. First things first, there is absolutely no way I would wear MILKSHAKE on its own, not even for fancy dress. I would not even consider bribery. ROSETTE and PINKINI by contrast are absolutely gorgeous and I feel that paired with a neutral eye makeup, they just add such a pop of colour to your complexion.

Application was, as to be expected, very laborious with a small eyeliner brush but I am reasonably happy about how it went, after a disastrous first go with MILKSHAKE. I can’t stress enough how little you need to cover a whole lip: a minuscule dot is all you need. Put too much and you’ll be left with a unpleasant wet feeling, as if you’re going to smear the whole room just by talking.

By the time, I applied ROSETTE and PINKINI, I felt so much more in control and applying less product made a massive difference. Non lipstick lovers will absolutely love this: As I was so desperately hoping, these sleek pout paint definitely deliver a great punch of colour without the stickiness of a lipstick. I am absolutely over the moon about that! This is precisely what I wanted from the Pout Paints.

I was afraid they would bleed and I am happy to report, that I didn’t experience any bleeding at all although I’m pretty sure some bleeding would have occurred after wearing Milshake for a while, as I definitely applied too much.

I wanted to test the bleeding and lasting power of Pinkini. I decided to venture out of my house (it was after 10pm) to Tesco and let me tell you that was a first for me. Apart from Halloween, I had never left the house with such a lurid shade of lipstick on my lips. What gave me confidence was the fact that it felt like I was wearing absolutely nothing: it felt liberating. I can’t promise you I will be wearing this, during the day as it takes some confidence to wear something so bright, when you don’t usually wear much colour on your lips.

A whole Cheese and Pickle sandwich later, this is what was left of Pinkini. It definitely took some battering but I am pretty impressed on how much colour I have been left with.


I am absolutely over the moon with the Pout Paints. The non-sticky lightweight feel of them is very liberating. What a shame they didn’t have it  in black…

What: Sleek Pout Paint
How much: £4.99
Where: Selected Superdrug stores and on Sleek Makeup Website


About Makeup Savvy said...

Ahhhh so glad you like them Liloo! I love Pinkini and Rosette on you.

My next one to try for me will definitely be Pinkini as I love bold pink lips!

Lovely post as always :)

Fee x

Sue said...

wow! I love Rosette and Pinkini!! I wish I had sleek in the US

Miss Diamond Pearl said...

Magda called, she wants her lip stick back! Hilarious! But yeah, I agree! Love the Rosette shade tho! Thanks for the report! :) xxx

Tanja said...

They look amazing! Can't wait to try them. I'm not a lip person either simply because I don't like my lips and teeth... So I'm mainly gonna use them on my friends who have gorgeous lips haha. Rosette and Pinkini look great on you!

nav said...

I really liked these, I had fun mixing them in Superdrug but I really don't need any more makeup and have most of the shades I like in gloss/lipstick so gave it a miss...but your post makes me want all of them!

MissMathful said...

they look great, you really suit a bright lip colour :D

Hannah said...

How fabulous :o)I really like rosette! I wonder how these would fair with a bit of a gloss on top? Maybe that's defeating the point completely? :o) xxx

Robyn said...

I'm sure I'll end up with all of these. I'm really bloody annoyed there's no black as well, but I've very pleased there's a white!

Jennifer said...

I actually like Milkshake from your pictures, in fact I like all of these colours. I'm going to give these a go.

Amy said...

They all look SO gorgeous!! Love them xxx

Sophie said...

Need some of these! Well, all of them actually :)

Louise said...

wow after lemming milkshake its rosette I need thanks chick xx

Beauty's Bad Habit said...

Rosette looks amaaaaaazing on you! I actually prefer these to lip tars, they dry more but aren't...drying. They're less oily. Winner!

Jesss said...

These look like great fun, I love the idea of being able to mix them! The second two both look amazing on you :)


Sparklz and Shine said...

I totally agree with you about milkshake - also I didn't think it applied as evenly as the others, although that may have been the oil separation. Love Pinkini and Rosette - unsuprisingly as I had their Lip Tar equivelants already! xx

Sparklz and Shine said...

Oh and so glad you've been converted ;)

Kelly said...

These look awesome - my fave is Milkshake - like the look of Minx too

Kemcaflipflops said...

Wayhay! I've read loads of posts about these over last couple of days but your is the first to answer my No1 question 'How does it feel?'
I deeetest having sticky gloopy lips but sometimes have the urge to have a bit of a colour pout going on so thank you! I'll be heading to Superdrug to pick up a couple as soon as I can bear to get out of my jammies
Kirsten x
P.s. Loving how your facial expression in the photo reflects how you feel about each shade hahaha

SilhouetteScreams said...

Pinkini is beautiful on you! :) and LOL @ "smear the whole room just by talking"

Nikki said...

I asked Sleek whether they would be bringing a black one out and they said to keep an eye out. I'm hoping they'll bring one out for autumn or winter.

Rachel said...

I really love that image at the top like paint!

Ms Red said...

Sounds great and I love the last two on you. Can I ask, do they taste or smell at all? The thing I didnt like with the pout polishes was the taste :/


Leanne OCD said...

Well you've seen my post, so you know what I got. I actually wore Milkshake today. Not in an opaque way, I kind of dabbed it on for a hint of colour (and stained my finger in the process!!) Perhaps you could use it to mix with the others, to create some new Liloo blends? I couldn't get Pinkini, they were out of stock - Want!!! x

Niamh Buckley Make-Up said...

pinkini is gorgeous on you!

Tass said...

I bought Rosette but mine is nowhere near as pigmented as yours seems to be even though I shoook it well :(

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