Thursday, 18 August 2011

Voulez-vous smoocher avec moi, ce soir?

If there's one thing I find it hard to resist is pretty packaging. Now when I find pretty find packaging *and* a half price sale, my self control is even more put to test. Introducing a new British brand of Cosmetics called SMOOCH. I found out about them tonight, through Holly's Secrets and I can't stop thinking about it. I feel compelled to blog about it or I fear I won't be able to sleep properly tonight.


The concept for this line is lingerie and the packaging is absolutely superb. In the words of Smooch Cosmetics themselves:

The concept for Smooch came quite simply from a pair of knickers...... In fact not just one pair a whole drawer of lingerie to be exact.
Cosmetics are a little like your lingerie drawer, you have your everyday basics that you apply without really thinking about it, then you have the special mascara and uber gloss for that big night out.
Smooch “It’s like wearing your naughty knickers to the office, your own saucy secret!”

To celebrate the launch of Smooch, they are offering all customers 50% off everything online for one month only.  The discount started 2 days ago and will end on 16 September.

Please allow me to share with you my little wish list. If money grew on trees and I hadn't spent so much already this month, this would have been what I would have liked to spend my pennies on. The 50% discount has ALREADY been applied on these products.

First, these nail polishes (usual RRP: £6.50)  have caught my eyes. There are 24 shades in total to choose from but it's Car Key and Deep Beige (woah, you really can't get any deeper than that) which have caught my eyes. I have also nearly run out of my favourite black eyeliner (H&M) so this cute eyeliner is also calling by my pet name (usual RRP: £4.95). It's a shame the website doesn't show what the nib look like.


I don't own any Nars eyeshadow but when this Narsy eyeshadows, my heat skipped a beat. Will you guys indulge for me and report on quality please? The one on the photo is called 'minted' but they have 11 other shades to choose from. Smooch has really made an amazing effort in showcasing the shades but my only regret is that they don't give any description of the shades themselves. From the generic description '12 glistening duo eyeshadows' I would imagine that they are all shimmery.


And last but not least, this bronzer, which is looks so good, they even named it after the brand. Ladies, this is Smooched (usual RRP: £13.95)  I don't even wear that much bronzer but look at this beauty! Then look at me in the eyes and tell you don't find this bronzer utterly irresistible!!



In case you're wondering,  I have not been contacted by anybody to write this post. Inspiration for this came through reading Holly’s Secrets. If any of you is tempted by any of the items I’m also lusting on, please let me know, I would absolutely love to know what you thought about them.

So, voulez vous ...?


Sirena Sparklestar said...

I agree, that packaging is awesome!

Biba said...

I've never heard of this brand before. But some items look just lovely!

Helly said...

Car Key is calling my name too. All the polish colours look really different and interesting. And you know my feelings on the bronzer! I may have to blog about this too as I have had an unfortunate accident with my posing hand :(
But Car Key is definitely going into my shopping basket on payday...

MissMathful said...

i havent heard of this brand, how exciting :D

Anonymous said...

Oh my goshhhhhhh! Want! Yeah that eyeshadow looks kinda like nars in the packaging style.. But this looks more fun... do want! Going to have a mooch. Hopefully Robbie wont mind me buying a little more make up :3

Anonymous said...

Looks great! The brand look lovely too. Dainty Dollymix wrote a post about some products she recieved and they look stunning! Especially the eyeshadows. I feel a spend coming on! xxx

30SomethingMel said...

I think my debit card is about to melt! I am going to check out their site now, I feel some purchases coming on! Hope you are feeling better now xxxx

esteeem said...

i just came across this brand too, through dolcevanity who got sent a couple items.. so if you want her take/review on the eyeshadow, etc, here it is:

I'm very very tempted to buy too, but I have to wait til payday if i do! <3

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