Tuesday, 8 November 2011

Return to Pandora - My Halloween antics

It's been so long since I last blogged, I feel I have forgotten how to do it. I hope you will excuse this very simple post from me. I am nowhere near sorted computer wise but I can finally talk about computer gate without crumbling into tears (this lump in the throat won't give me a rest though)

Time away from it all has helped me but nothing has been more uplifting than the amazing & overwhelming support from you all, from blogosphere and twitterland. Then something else happened: you guys were so lovely, I felt I just couldn't come back on twitter, with just tweeting about doom and gloom. Until one of you - and you will recognise yourself - told me I could come back, no matter what tweets I was up to post. That gave me the biggest lift in the world and I happy I have come back to twitterland. Coming back to the bloggosphere (this for me includes blog reading and commenting on your wiriting) is taking longer but it is on the cards, when access to technology permits it.

To ease myself gently back into blogging, I wanted to share a few photos with you, photos from one memorable and happy week end: Halloween weekend. Some of you will know that Halloween is a big a deal for me. It's quite simply my favourite day of the year. With the computer apocalypse happening, I was feeling so low that I didn't even know if I was going to celebrate it. Being a whopping 10 pounds heavier (my all time heaviest) didn't help my confidence but I couldn't live with myself not doing anything for Halloween. I am so glad I made the effort. It was such a blast. Nothing could have spoilt my mood: not the uncomfortable lenses, the rain or the fact that my camera broke in the middle of the night!

A big fan of Avatar movie, I wanted to be a (tsu)na'vi again this year but wanted to jazz up my makeup a little and make it a little bit more three dimensional. I went out dressed as an avatar twice: Saturday 28 November and the actual Halloween night, Monday 31st October. The pictures below are from 31st October, where a new camera had to be purchased in emergency for the occasion.

I prefer the look of the lenses I wore on Saturday night but I prefer the avatar marking of this makeup look.

Necklace (as I lost the one from last year) was a bargain from BHS: 50p ladies and gentlemen. Get in!

No way on earth I could have fitted in my brown skirt from last year. This bargain back up from eBay just had to do.

Posing with Beetlejuice and the only thing I could think of at this stage was the new polishes from Models Own bearing the same name

I don't who he was but he did scare me!

Want to see what I used to do my makeup? Here, here :)

Thank you so so so much again for your support
liloo xx


Biba said...

You did a great job with the mask!

I'm so happy you've had happy Halloween weekend!

LOIS said...

deutsche Kartoffel ;)

Love Lois xxx


missy_ellie_uk said...

I love blue Liloo! It's fab how much effort you put into your Halloween looks, and it really pays off - so much better than the usual boring devil or vampire (which is what I usually end up doing.)

p.s. if you've gained 10 lbs it's gone on your boobs....

Leanne OCD said...

Erm sorry, Miss Liloo, we are unhappy with that gorgeous body?!?! And the bosom! Oh my!!lol

You look beautiful. Your costume/make up was fab. So glad to have you back lovely x

Jan said...

Love this look - you have such a talent x

Pandora said...

Yay, you're back! And you look seriously hot! Honestly woman, what are you talking about, I'd be more than happy if I looked like you! Amazing make-up. I hope you're ok. x

Halima said...


Can't express how much I love this look. This is just WOWZERS. xo

Big Fashionista said...

Soooooooooooo cool. Love it

You looked amazing

MissMathful said...

you look great :D


Thais said...

Yay!!!!! little Tsunimee is back! and your makeup for Halloween was GREAT!!!you look fabulous, hope you had fun x x Thais

Cynthia Z said...

WOW! Brilliant...u look adorable


Robyn said...

Holy sheeeeeet, that's amazing!

SilhouetteScreams said...


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