Sunday, 20 November 2011

Ultimate Strapless by Wonderbra: Ultimate party accessory?

Sharing your impressions on a strapless bra on a beauty blog might seem a little bit odd and unexpected but if you think  about it, it might not seem too much out of place. You can wear the most amazing makeup ever and have the most gorgeous mane  but wearing the wrong bra might let down your whole appearance and the way you feel about it.

The last four times I've gone on a night out I've found myself wearing a strapless top/dress so I thought it was high time I treated myself to a nice strapless bra from a very well established brand. The gorgeous ultimate strapless bra from Wonderbra  has been on my radar for a while but its recommended retail price of £36 had always put me off. When I saw it reduced to £24 on Amazon with free delivery, I thought the time was right.


I have tremendous respect for the brand Wonderbra. My very first cleavage enhancing add-a-cup push-up padded bra was a Wonderbra. The fabric was stiff coarse lace, very noticeable under soft fabric, it  gave me boobs like missiles but I absolutely loved it, and I wore it to death, until it became yellow and it had to bra cemetery.  I also have in my wardrobe the amazing Wonderbra plunge multiway and a everyday black one with a little unexpected saucy red  lining. I love Wonderbra and I had big expectations for the ultimate strapless.


So what makes the ultimate strapless special and stand out from the crowd? What makes it worth £36?

Instead of underwiring that sits underneath your boobs, the Wonderbra Ultimate strapless bra uses innovative polycarbonate  "hand" shaped structures moulded into smooth, seamfree microfibre cups.

So the idea of this bra is to give you the support as  your own pair of hands would. To top it all off, Wonderbra subjected their ultimate strapless bra to rigorous fun tests on  YouTube: the wriggle, the jump and the twist tests. . I  particularly loved the jumping test, when the girl tries to flatten the suitcase and I just had to get this bra.


So, how the ultimate strapless perform? Well, Wonderbra definitely didn't exaggerate about the support. Once this baby  on, your bosom is truly well supported and won't budge. However I felt it did nothing to lift my breast nor boost the size of my cleavage. I felt it made my breast appear smaller and somewhat dragged down even though it did a good job of maintaining it firmly in  place. I felt that Wonderbra spent so much time making sure this bra gives you amazing support that they  forgot the 'lift' part.

It could well be that a bigger size than normal could have flattered me more but personally, for a  bra worn under a top which shows cleavage, I prefer to go for a bra which is a tad on the small side to give the illusion of  land of plentiful (one could hope) and it's almost spilling with boobage. What I expect first and foremost from a Wonderbra  is a lift and the illusion of a fuller enhanced breast and then and only then unconditional support as you jump, wiggle, and  whatever you do.



Another thing which disappointed me is that the only way you can wear this bra is strapless and there are no  hooks to put a strap if you wanted to, or transform it as a halter neck bra.

Trialling this bra made me appreciate even more my soft moulded £9 bra from ... Matalan, of all places. It might not have the  fancy lace, not the wide band coated with silicone under the bra itself for added stay on power, but it gives me cracking cleavage, support, flexibility and most of all confidence to wear a strapless top or dress. Girls with bigger breast or who feel that their breast is big enough would absolutely love the support of this bra, it's nothing like what I've experienced before but sadly this is not the one for my modest 32C plums.

Do you often wear strapless numbers?
Which strapless bra do you swear by?


Louise said...

my problem with strapless bras is that they are generally padded or moulded I am 38D I don't need padding or anything extended lol

Stina said...

I have this too and it really doesn't lift or do anything amazing.. It's probably the worst strapless bra I have had :-( Very expensive mistake to make really.
But anyway I wear it still, but don't enjoy it.
Also annoyed it doesn't come with straps, that would make it better for me as I would definitely put the straps up to get that lift..
Nevermind.. ;-)

About Makeup Savvy said...

Ohhh loved this review :) really very interesting. Shame it hasn't got little loop things to add straps like you say as this as a halterneck would be great I'm sure.

But it is so pretty!

Fee x

Hollie said...

I hate shopping for a strapless bra! Im a 38DD, and theyre always way too padded and just look terrible on me!

Jude said...

I've given up trying to find the right strapless bra. As a woman with ample boobage I want support minus all the padding!! I am sadly destined to live a life of straps :) Jude xx @jadlgw

xmisslorix said...

Aww I really like this bra, I'm always on the lookout for a decent strapless bra but they never seem to keep mine under control.

I wear 34D usually and they just boing all over the place if they are not properly restrained haha.

I usually just have to let my straps show :'(


GretalRabbit said...

God bra shopping is the only form of shopping I hate... I'm a big fan of M&S underwear though, I have a nice strapless bra from there :)

Leanne said...

I can't wear anything strapless at all, because I have never found a strapless bra for my 36G knockers. I don't mind too much though, I'm not really into strapless anyway!
This was such an interesting post x

Strawberry Blonde said...

Great review Liloo, though sorry it wasn't for you. Those looking for supportive bras for bigger boobs should try Charnos - absolute boulder holders, or Berlei - slightly prettier and more discreet.


*~♥Giddy Princess♥~* said...

I really like this bra - such a shame it's no good for you all - it totally changed the type of tops I could wear as a 32e xx

Anonymous said...

I'm a 40HH there is no way I'll be able to find a strapless bra for my puppies!

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