Monday, 9 January 2012

Nanoblur Optical Cream: My experiences

Well, hello there :) This little garden has been left alone for so long, I can’t even see the wood for the trees or whatever the expression goes. Before a lengthy post on what the heck I have been to lately, and an overdue update, I would love to share some news with you. Today I was published on Perfect Polished for a little guest post I wrote.I would love to invite to read my experiences with Nanoblur, the most hyped about optical skin cream, which promises no less, no more to make you look 10 years younger in a matter of seconds.


So please, hop along to Perfectly Polished Nails blog and find out how I got along with Nanoblur. Oh and if you would like to leave a comment there, this would make me very happy!

Thank you Smile xx


nav said...

I refuse to believe that Liloo has wrinkles. xx

liloo said...

haha, I refuse to believe it too, navy sweetie lol xx

Perfectly Polished said...

excellent post liloo thanks again xx

Perfectly Polished

Michelle - Butterfliesandlillies said...

Excellent post, just read it. I have also just reviewed this and couldn't get away with applying it over foundation but will try and pat it over instead.

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