Wednesday, 29 February 2012

Elf's response to Nanoblur?

I was very excited to hear about the brand new release from Elf Studio Line earlier on today. Elf has launched 'Wrinkle Refiner' claiming to instantly smooth, soften and virtually fill in laugh lines, crow’s feet and wrinkles for a flawless finish. What's in it? It says it contains a rich blend of Wheat Protein, Horse Chestnut, Caffeine, Edelweiss, Chamomile, Shea, Mango and Vitamins A & E designed to retexturise skin. The caffeine ingredient reminds me a lot of the record selling Garnier caffeine roll on device. At £3.50, it would be a crime not to try, no? What do you think?


If the free shipping coupon hadn't expired this morning, this is what I would have indulged on today, to make it up to £10 and get free postage and packing on my order:


ELF Studio Blush Brush (£3.50)
I don’t usually do blush nor contouring usually but it’s a skill I would love to try. I have a Ruby and Millie blush brush at home, bought on a whim where you could use your no.7 vouchers but I am sorry to say that I don’t like using it. I find it scratchy, and therefore I have not been practising at trying to learn how to learn to contour your face and bring life to your cheeks. But since said it was soft as a kitten’s paw, and since it’s only £3.50, I really would love to try.

ELF Studio Cream eyeliner in black (£3.50)
My usual Revlon color liner is running low and I need to invest in a new eyeliner. I think it’s time for me to make the leap to trying on a cream eyeliner. Funny enough, I do have a sleek cream eyeliner in Dominatrix somewhere which I don’t even remember having used but I can’t remember for the life of me where the heck I have put it.

Studio Angled eyeliner Brush (£3.50)
I know that the cream eyeliner above comes with a free brush but I have always fancied trying an angled brush. Everytime there has been an offer, it was out of stock. Today, there is no offer but it’s definitely on stock. Just my luck!

4. And last but not least, I really fancy the
High Definition Powder from Elf (£6.00) which is really bizarre as I don’t usually use powder ever. A few days ago, I was having my face matched for foundation colour and I came home with the most amazing looking foundation on my face, but which left a horrible wet feeling onto my skin. I don’t if every foundation for dry skins is meant to feel slightly damp and tacky, but it made me want to powder my face and see if I could improve the feeling of the foundation. Unfortunately, the only powder I had was some remnants of an old-from-5years-ago-at-least Rimmel Matte Compact powder. And then I remember the rave Lipglossiping (I am not obsessed, honest) had around this powder, which is hailed by many as the Makeup For Ever HD powder for the poor.

Total of the damage if I had indulged? £20.
My bank would be happy.

What do you think of my Elf lust list?
Do you already own any of the above?
Are you tempted by the Elf Wrinkle Reducer?

I leave you with the video which made me want to rediscover Elf.
The one, the only, enabler in chief,
Charlotte from
I know she wouldn't mind me embedding this video, she's particularly fond of the thumbnail youtube chose for her :)


Lipglossiping said...

haha, those are some really good picks! I wear my HD powder lots and lots. Probably the best thing I've ever bought from ELF. The eyeliner gets rave reviews but I found it a bit too slippy to work with x

nav said...

I own all of your lust list! The cream liner is in purple though and I'd recommend everything apart from the HD Powder, it's supposed to be amazing but I think it's "o-k". When it feels like it it leaves a white cast (which is quite often even if you use the smallest amount, but will work well for very very fair people maybe?) It absorbs oil/shine brilliantly though, I don't think it's the best, very messy too, but for the price I got it at, £3 I'd repurchase. Going to look for something better now though! I have 2 backups haha xx

Lisa said...

I own the cream liner but its a bit smudgey, stays put generally but dont accidently rub your eye or anything because ti will move it!

Louise said...

OMG A Video From Charlotte!!! I want to try the HD Powder too x

Lizzums - BeneBelle said...

Most of my brushes are elf. I have that blush brush. I usually use a kabuki but since I got this, I love it.

Anonymous said...

I have the blush brush and the angled liner brush and I looooove them. The HD powder is good as long as you pat on and dust off the excess so you have a very minimal amount on. I don't think it's all that messy either... The eyeliner I have in purple and it's ok.

Perdita said...

I have several ELF products- am considering the HD powder so a review when you get it would be lovely!

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