Tuesday, 21 February 2012

Mavala Osaka: Your nails, just prettier

When was the last time you finished a nail polish? I don't remember either. Apart from when my bottles become very gunky and I don't think that the remaining contents are worth wasting drops of a precious expensive nail polish thinner, I really don't remember when I last finished a nail polish. If this is you, then Mavala nail polishes could be perfect for you. The little cute bottles contain 5ml of product and you don't feel so bad of buying some, even though your collection is pretty vast.

Before I properly got into nail polish, my favourite polish was the now discontinued Vanity from Miss Sporty, a very sheer polish which would make my nails so prime, proper, clean, elegant. 'Vanity' was of such poor quality, the bottle had to be thrown away, after a month of being opened. First glimpse of Osaka reminded me of Vanity but with an added delightful shimmer.


I might be totally barking the wrong tree here but I would like to think that Mavala inspired themselves from Japanese Cherry Blossoms when they created Osaka.
It must be. The Japanese city Osaka has a Cherry Blossom every Spring, and cherry blossoms are pink.


Doubts on origin of inspiration aside, Osaka is a truly gorgeous sheer pink with an amazing glow. If you can't bear seeing the white of your nails, you will want to avoid to stay Osaka, or use it as a top coat to add a little pink glow to your nails. My photos show 2 coats of Osaka and I like it that. For me Osaka just celebrates the beauty of your natural nail and let it shine through.


A few months ago, I wouldn't have been able to wear this polish as my nails suffered some dark yellow staining, due to some
careless behaviour. Seeing the bare and  naturally distorted white line of my index finger doesn't me fill me with joy and confidence, but overall I just really feel elegant, delicate and feminine when I wear Osaka.


I find Osaka, apart from bad nail day moments, ultra wearable and I can see myself grabbing for it very often. If I haven't lost the teeny weeny blighter before then, that is.

Have you got a polish which you like to
wear on your 'good nail days'?

What? Mavala Osaka, mini polish, 5ml

How much? £4.10
Where? In many Boots nationwide


Serenity of Beauty said...

Oooo this is beautiful; not too in ya face, but very subtle - I like :)

Karen said...

Thanks Liloo,

Oh this is gorgeous. I'm not a fan of pale pinks but this one would be perfect for days when you want to paint your nails without worrying which colour to wear (which often takes me hours) to decide and I also think it'd look great against a fake tan.


Glitterish Allsorts said...

That's such a pretty shade! I love mini nail polishes because I rarely rarely get even halfway through full size polish before it starts to turn.

Emma said...

It's gorgeous! When I was younger I used to wear a very sheer natural nail pink, it just gives your nails that touch of elegance :) I haven't been wearing polish for about 6 weeks so thankfully my nails are much less stained than they were, I've been wearing them bare or with a coat of clear polish and I love it :) Osaka is very pretty, but I hate finishing nail polish haha. :( xxx

Helly said...

This is lovely, I don't usually like seeing nail line but this is so beautiful sheer like this, you're right, it really is elegant x

Emma said...

not a lover of pastel pinks but this looks lush !! Think I will look out for this, would look great with a glitter on top too :-)

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