Sunday, 5 February 2012

Mink & Heart Beat Nails–Accessorize {notd}

Once upon a time on twitter, there was a beauty blogger/PR who was looking for some keen nail bloggers. There was not much more  information provided in the tweet, I could list hundreds of nail bloggers better than me, but upon encouragement of a certain Kellie,  I decided to put myself forward. The lovely blogger got back in touch very quickly and accepted my expression of interest. I soon found out that I was offered the possibility to review 2 nail polishes from the latest Accessorize collection.       

I was very lucky to have been chosen but I  had a very mixed reaction. I didn't have an overwhelming successful experience with Accessorize polishes before, so much so that I  decided not to blog
about the polishes I had purchased from the brand and only talk about one of them. My main issue had been with the  formula, leaving me with patchy coverage: covering the nail line with no problem but leaving some patches of blank every now and then.  I absolutely hate writing negative reviews about products I have received for free by a company and I was dreading receiving the polishes.

My two polishes reached me in the speed of lightning. The same day they arrived I had to swatch them on one nail and I felt much  lighter. I don't know what Accessorize has done to the polishes but the formula is totally different from all the previous polishes I  have tried and this makes me really happy and relieved, mainly because I won't have to write a negative review. *phew*     


So ladies and gentlemen let me share with you my experiences with the 2 little beauties I have been lucky to trial. The first one is MINK. Mink is a  delightful light browny/pinky/nudy/taupey beige.


I am not very good at describing colours as you can tell. What I do know is that I am in absolute love with the colour. But what really blew me away was the coverage I was able to get from one coat. All my photos show you just one coat  of polish, something which I didn't think it would be possible, given my previous experiences with Accessorize Polishes.



The formula is not perfect, mind you. It reminded me of Nails Inc typical formula: applies a little funky and bumpy at first but then  dries beautifully smooth. So MINK made me really happy and exceeded all my expectations.

HEART BEAT is a beautiful dark raspberry shade and was identical to MINK in application. The level of coverage in one coat was  phenomenal. My flash photos make it appear a little brighter than it really is. I was scared looking at the bottle that the shade would be a  big 'grandma' ish but grandma it certainly isn't and it is a very elegant shade.



I love this shade. Sorry I couldn’t shortlist my selection of picture any further.



MINK and HEART BEAT put my 'patchy' memories firmly to the past and made me want to try some more from the new collection. In fact, I have already bought 'Dream' the purple & blue 3D glitter (4th one on the right) but let me get some decent hard core glitter nail polish remover before I can play  with it.



What: Accessorize Polishes
Where: Selected Acessorize Stores and Larger Superdrug shops
How much: £4      

I couldn’t leave you with sharing with you the remaining shades of the latest vast collection of Accessorize polishes.




Anonymous said...

I really like the original Accessorize polishes so I'm looking forward to trying the new ones if they've improved so much!

Biba said...

They're both gorgeous! But I really love Mink - it looks awesome on you!

KatBeautyAddict said...

Love mink

Simderella said...

I love their polishes! I managed to get a few in their sale for £2!!! and I was just as impressed with the coverage and how long they lasted xx

Lucy - Beauty and the Blogger said...

Oooh I really like these colours, I've been pleasantly surprised by the Accesorize make up range actually :-)

Sian said...

Heart beat is pretty, what a lovely colour.and so well applied too!xx

Gemma said...

I bought a few polishes in there sale as they were all half price :) Don't think they were the new formulae though, as they definatley need a couple of coats xx

Powdered Almond said...

I really like mink - and like the sound of one coat coverage because I am sooooo lazy! Will check this out! x

Viktoria said...

I really like these, might have to go and have a little look!xx

Anonymous said...

Really liking the look of the taupe one. Like you I was a bit worried of Accessorize polishes from previous experiences, but I'd certainly give it another try now that I know they've chnaged the formula!

Strawberry Blonde said...

Fabulous pics and review Liloo... I adore that Mink shade. It shall be mine! :)
Nic xx

Beauty's Bad Habit said...

Heart Beat looks stunning!

Big Fashionista said...

Whoooooop whooooooop

Love it x x x
Lovely colours, lovely nails, lovely Liloo x.

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