Wednesday, 8 February 2012

Cosmetic Candies

The teasing is finally over and MUA Cosmetics has announced the release of their latest makeup collection. Just in time for St Valentine's Day, MUA Cosmetics have inspired their latest collection on the theme of the famous sweeties 'Love Hearts'.



The adorable collection comprises 6 pastel polishes and 5 lip balms. The prices couldn't be any cuter: Each item is £2.




No need also to wait for the items to arrive in your local Superdrug as they are already available on the MUA website, with a low shipping cost as usual (£2.95) and possibility to pay via PayPal. Don't want to fork out on postage? The brand has announced that they will be doing free postage offers :)

MUA Cosmetics didn't make their job easy with this collection. Good pastel polishes are notoriously hard to find. Have they cracked the formula? Will they be patchy? Time will tell :) I am very tempted to try 'You and I', the lovely yellow polish. But most of all, I am very much looking forward to try their upcoming BB cream which they will sell at £4.


Now, if the free postage offer coincided with the release of the BB cream, it would make my heart and purse very happy :)


Will you be getting some love hearts?

Pictures sourced from Mua Cosmetics
Facebook Page.
Top picture was also sourced from Mua’s page and lil montage done by me x


RaeRae said...

I love Lovehearts! I might have to go for a balm just because they're so cute!

Beauty's Bad Habit said...

Eeee! I really like 'U R FAB' nail polish and the lip balms are so cute.

Powdered Almond said...

Eeep! Need the orange polish. And laughed when I saw the name "U R OK" - anyone saying that doesn't sound very enamoured with their loved one! Ha! But seriously, a very cute collection. :-) x

Midnight Violets said...

The Lip Balms look so cute, I wander if they have any colour pay off to them? And a BB Cream? We are being spoilt!

Gemma Meredith said...

Can't way to try theswe out, I really like all the MUA stuff I own :)

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