Wednesday, 21 March 2012

Absolutely loving ... Wella High Hair 'Leave it Long'

Once upon a time, I chucked a mini sample of a hair product, along with other bits and bobs, in a parcel to my lovely American friend, Ashleigh. Ashleigh and I met on youtube. She is incredibly talented in makeup, make easy to follow make up tutorials on YouTube and puts my writing to shame on her blog. Coming back to this sample, little that I knew, when sending her this sample that she was going to be going obsessed with it, and become restless until she gets her hands on a full size product.

Here’s what she had to say about it:


Hey guys!  It’s Ashleigh (otherwise known as AdmiralKathryn on both twitter and YouTube!)…and as BestBrushForward here on Blogspot!

I’m so excited to be invited by one of my dear friends Liloo to do a guest post in her petit jardin and about a product that she inadvertently hooked me on.

I had been sent a package of goodies from Liloo (we had been trading and sending back and forth for a while at this point) and as a bonus she had tucked in the cutest little sample of a hair product that I had never heard of!

What is this product? Get on with it! Enough rambling!!!!  I can hear you all now! Haha.  The product I’m talking about is Wella Professional High Hair Leave It Long Cream.


Now here’s my luck – it’s a product I’ve never been able to find since receiving it.  This would be's not available in the US.  So with it not being available here, I’ve had to do a lot of digging around to find any information about this cream as the sample size doesn’t really have any information of the product on it…here’s what I’ve found:

Wella High Hair Leave It Long is a weightless, natural control cream especially for longer hair.  This lightweight cream creates a beautiful, smooth groomed look with moveable, light hold and a non sticky feel. Hair is soft, natural looking and flowing even the day after washing. Enriched with pro-vitamin B5 and UV filters it also works to fortify and protect hair.

This cream is a dream for my hair!  It is extremely lightweight (feels almost watery when I emulsify it in my palms) and I scrunch it into my damp hair to activate my curls.  Due to the lightweight hold, they stay all day and I don’t need to use any extra hairspray (BONUS! as a little backstory, I absolutely despise most styling products – mostly due to my history with theater and performing)

I have medium length, thin (but ample) hair that frizzes at the slightest notice and it’s very picky about what goes into it – this cream leaves it soft and silky with a natural bounce and here’s my favorite part – the next day it’s not disgusting so I don’t have to wash my hair every day!  I mist with a little water to take some of the flyaways down and let it go!


(this photo is of my hair 2nd day with the Wella cream – you can see that it still looks nice and fresh and not like second day hair normally can look with my particular hair type...which is scary if you're not aware haha.)

I like that it has pro-vitamin B5 in it, which means that it doesn’t leave hair crispy (B5 is an ingredient that you may be familiar with in your mascaras nowadays…it can be on the ingredients list as Panthenol and it’s a conditioner – no crunchy hair and no crunchy lashes!) and it helps to repair damage leaving your hair shiny and manageable. (If you're a science nerd like myself, here's the link to the wikipedia article about Panthenol)  Having the UV filters are also a plus because the sun won’t bleach out your color…so I love it for it’s protective nature as well.

Do any of you UK readers use this product?  What do you think of it?!  What is your favorite product for your hair (and if you tell us, tell us your hair type too!)



Product:  Wella High Hair Leave It Long Cream, 100ml
Availability: is where I finally found it
Price: £6.00


missy_ellie_uk said...

I love this stuff - had a massive bottle from TK Maxx on the go a while ago. It has now run out - so I'm off to Amazon to get some more!

Lauren said...

I love this stuff to! I found it at Sally's and couldn't be without it now! X

Карина said...

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