Monday, 26 March 2012

Mascara Monday: The Battle of Mascaras.

Today, I have the honour to introduce you to Sophie from Melovemakeup Blog who has kindly volunteered to help me out reviewing 2 mascaras. I love Sophie: her blog is amazing, her makeup tutorials in her youtube channel are inspiring and a delight to watch. Over to you Sophie:

Firstly, thanks to the lovely Liloo for giving me the chance to try out both of these mascaras. I've road tested them both now, so I will share my thoughts..

Before I start, here are the wands for the two mascaras, both totally different.. The Exceptional Definition (left) has the shorter bristles on the right, longer on the left, and then the little spikes at the top.  The Essence mascara is a standard bristle brush, but is absolutely massive!

Boots No7 Say:
"No7 Exceptional Definition Mascara. This amazing new mascara has a truly magic wand and unique, conditioning formula. The innovative three-in-one brush gives lashes exceptional definition and volume. "
Essence Say:
"The ultimate lash-wonder for eyes which will take your breath away: the extra large brush ensures even more volume. ophthalmologically tested."

Here are the Mascaras in action.. As you can see, I have very fair natural lashes, so a great mascara is a big  must for me.

No7 Exceptional Definition:

I love this mascara! I have never used a mascara with 3 wands in one before. This wand is so good for grabbing every single lash, even the finest innermost lashes that you didn't know were there, that's what the little spikes on the end are great for. The double sided brush is great, I like to use the longer side to get through and coat my lashes, and then the shorter side to really comb through and remove any clumps from my lashes.

The results are luscious long looking lashes with both added volume and length, and also great curl too. In the photos (above) I have used one coat of  the mascaras - as you can see my lashes look long, but not overly clumped at all. This mascara lasted really well through the day too, no smudging, no flaking. It gets a big thumbs up from me!

Essence Lash Mania:

My first impression on this mascara when I applied it was great. I was wowed by how amazing my lashes appeared, they looked full and very voluminous. The problem I have with this mascara though, is that the wand is huge, and I'm talking the size of my eye huge! It is very easy to make a mess with this, and I did get quite a bit of the formula on my eye lid and lashline.

After about 4 hours I also noticed that this had smudged underneath my eyes quite a bit, and I looked a bit like a panda. I liked how this made my lashes look, but for me the brush is too large which caused messy application, I don't think it added very much curl either, which the No7 mascara did. The Boots mascara definitely wins for me!

Thanks for reading!

Want to see and read more from Sophie? Please make sure to check out her blog and her fabulous YouTube makeup channel! :)


Glitterish Allsorts said...

I keep hearing (and indeed seeing) such great things about the No 7 that I definitely need to get my hands on it. It doesn't matter that i already have 4 unopened mascaras in my cupboard, I NEED this one!

Powdered Almond said...

Great review, and more positive words about that No7 mascara. Will try is when my They're Real runs out I think! x

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