Wednesday, 14 March 2012

Measuring your blog traffic: Google Analytics for dummies

Do you blog? If you do and if you’ve been blogging for a while and even if it's just a personal outlet for you, I think it's sometimes nice to see which ones of your posts have been popular. It's a feel good thing. Of course, you can measure that by the amount of comments you get to your posts but it's not very fair. There are plenty of other
reasons why you might not get as many comments as you would like on your blog.


The kids in the know seem to use Google Analytics to gather a mine of information about their blog and measure the buzz and traffic their blog posts are generating. How does Google Analytics work? How do you get it to track your blog? What can it tell you? Is it easy, is it reliable? Maria, from Miss Drifted Snow White Blog has written an absolute gem of a
how-to article for 'dummies' on Google Analytics, to gentle you easily into the world of blog traffic tracking. The operative word here is 'easy'.

If you are interested about getting to know about the traffic of your own blog and a bit of a technophobe like me, it's a must read.


Miss drifted Snow White said...

Thank you hunni!!!! ♥

Perdita said...

Thanks! :) I have a bit of a small readership but my comments-to-reads ratio is high (I go to events and meet people, they will often comment regularly), I know some MUCH more popular blogs with fewer comments so analytics is deffo the way forward for accurate numbers.

parenting articles said...

cool! thanks for sharing

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Big Fashionista said...

I use Statcounter but am going to go and check this out x x

Thanks ladies

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