Saturday, 17 March 2012

Oh my gosh! They are back :)

I am very excited to tell you that the 'Oh My Gosh' mini polishes (£3.49, Superdrug) from Gosh are back. They were first released last year in July and stayed on the shelves for a month, if that, pushing the boundaries of the meaning of 'limited edition' to a whole new level.


Amongst this delightful collection, was a true gem, called
Nude Champagne (shade 22) which was an instant case of love at first swipe. I waxed lyrical about it here. I knew in an instant that I had to get myself a dupe of it. For me, it's just the perfect nude. The problem is that when I went back to the shop, the whole collection had sold ou, and the stand made way for some new stuff. Well, Gosh has re-released some shades, eight new shades according to my shop.
and the shades are:

22 Nude Champagne (reviewed here)
21 Peachy Rose
09 Cobalt Blue
07 Appel Green (photographed below)
11 Electric Pink
20 Light Nutt (I wonder what this shade is?)
18 Brown Grey (photographed below)
02 Classic Red (photographed below)


Please do not take my photo above as reference. I am not sure quite sure what this baby blue (first bottle on the left) is doing in my shop, haven't got a clue about the name of that yellow polish and this pink is definitely not electric. Yes, it's another majectic shamble on the Gosh front. No one knows what's going on, the company on twitter can't help either. But I can't complain. I have been dying to get a spare bottle of nude champagne and I am over the moon. Woop Smile 

Did you get to buy these mini polishes last year? Will you be having some this year?


The Student's Guide To Nail Polish said...

Ironic, I went to Superdrug today and saw these! None have really caught my eye though, so perhaps another time!

Fee - Makeup Savvy said...

Just had a look at your Nude Champagne swatch and soooo need it in my life! So perfect.

Also really like the cheaper price of these!

Fee x

Daisy said...

I really like the look of the green! Took a look back at your review on the nude shade and it really looks lovely. I don't normally go for nudes but that one may be something new for me to try!

Emma said...

Oh no! The 'Oh My Gosh' range never left my Superdrug... If I'd have known I'd have snapped you up a spare Nude Champagne in no time! I'm glad they've brought it back though. I love the colour range in this line. Have you seen the 3 new ltd edition full size Gosh polishes? xxx

mizzworthy said...

Love the look of these, especially that nude - I've still to try a GOSH polish (actually, never tried GOSH makeup at all! The shame!!)

Emma said...

Oh err.. weren't they £2.99 last Summer?! :s why have Gosh increased the price?! xxx

Ria said...

I wanted nude champagne since you reviewed it but could never find it in store. Now I have my chance!

Ria x

Stina said...

Ohh I need the nude champagne, I love it :)

Lydia said...

I think I agree with everyone else who has commented and I need to get my hands on nude champagne after seeing your swatch, I wonder how I missed it last year as in a sucker for nude polishes! xxx

Gemma Meredith said...

I looove nude champagne, but my superdrug isn't very good so I think I may have to go further a field :(

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