Monday, 12 March 2012

Olympic Foils - BeautyUk Nail Polishes Collection {notds}

Inspired by the Olympics Games, BeautyUK Cosmetics has created a beautiful collection of 'Special Effects' nail polishes. Like the medals you get at the Olympics, the polishes come out in 3 shades: gold, silver and bronze. The finish is absolutely incredible: a stunning highly metallic/foil finish with almost a chrome effect to them.


Olympic Silver
(the one in the middle) is the first shade I was dying to show you. I just couldn't believe the coverage. My pictures show just one coat of polish. I was expecting streaks galore and my nail imperfections and ridges to be on the foreground. Instead I see an almost minx foil effect to my nail. The polish contains so much drama that it looks pretty in dark lighting situation, gorgeous when there's a bit more light and just out of this world when the sun hits it.



Olympic Bronze
is the shade that I tried next and which earned me the most compliments at work. Again, I only needed one coat. My colleagues loved the delicate pink tone to it and found it subtle. I am not quite sure how a highly metallic polish can be subtle but there you go.




Last but not least, is Olympic Gold. Sadly, I was not able to capture its beauty under the sun rays, but I hope you will be able to get the idea. Whilst the coverage was as impressive as the silver and bronze, I just played too much with the polish whilst I was applying it and felt I needed to apply a second coat to even the mess I did.



I am not sure when the release date for these polishes and the exact price. Being a 'special effect' polish, I would imagine these will be retailing at £2.99 (or £3.99 at the absolute most). All three polishes are gorgeous but the winning shade for me? The silver! By 400 meters, easily Winking smile 

Any shades from this collection which have won your heart?

Disclosure: The polishes were kindly sent to me for review purposes. All opinions expressed are my own.


Perdita said...

OH I WANT THESE! Silver especially.

Karen said...

They are stunning :) I think I like Olympic Silver the most. oooh so nice. I love your photography Liloo.

Stitchinwitch said...

I think I need them all :) The silver and bronze are stunning.

Sirvinya said...

Ooh, think I might need to get my hands on the Bronze. That is so pretty!

The Sunday Girl said...

I love the Bronze shade it has a hint or rose gold about it :) I hope my superdrug stocks this line! x

spittingglitter said...

These are gorgeous! The bronze is really unique. x

Glowstars said...

I'm gonna have to get them just to see if they're any good for stamping.

missy_ellie_uk said...

The bronze one is gorgeous - love the hint of pink to it!

GretalRabbit said...

I hope these come out soon- I think I *need* the Bronze one :)

Mateja Mateja said...

The bronze looks really good!

jayshari said...

Thanks to this review I just got the silver in the post!!!!
IT IS GORGEOUS!!!! Yo are so right, it is a lovely polish!
I just love it so much! I paid £3.69 (+ p&p obviously! ) but I got other stuff too so it was totally worth it!

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