Monday, 23 April 2012

Diet coke gets Breton and cheeky..

This is not like me to want to blog about something which can be sold at Harvey Nichols (I actually only been in a 'Harvey Nicks' at they say only once in my life and swiftly left the shop as I felt out of place) But I would like to make this sumptuous release my exception. I have just heard about this collaboration on Pampered and Polished and I just had to post about it too.

Jean Paul Gaultier poured some of his genius creativity and redesigned the look of diet coke bottles. The result is absolutely gorgeous and very sexy!


Wait. There is more!
People have said for many years that the shape of a bottle of coke is evocative of the curves of a woman well the creative team went a little bit further. They went on to paint the design of the bottle on two models, who wore, nothing but the design on their bodies, posing live in the shop window of a Harvey Nichols in London. Let me reassure you, the result is nothing seedy, just a little bit cheeky and superbly well done I thought.

diet coke naked

The women who went on to fight for the 'Miss UK Beauty' competitions to be banned in England (and probably their descendants) will probably be up and arms about this publicity coup, claiming this is exploitation of women, and treating women like cattle yadi yada, but I absolutely love it!
Great creativity, great make up and just the right amount of cheekyness.


The limited edition Jean Paul Gaultier Night & Day bottle collection for Diet Coke was launched in Harvey Nichols stores across the UK on 16 April 2012, and will be available for 4 weeks at £1.95 each.


Powdered Almond said...

Oh I like this! I don't live anywhere near a Harvey Nics, otherwise I would buy the girl one, then keep flowers in it afterwards just as a little bit of kitsch. :-)

Anonymous said...

I adore JPG and have been a huge fan since 1993 when I first saw him in Eurotrash (TV Series) I don't think I love him enough to pay £1.95 for a bottle of coke though!

Annie said...

Oh wow, those are fabulous. And I agree with you, just the right amount of cheekiness without being degrading :) xx

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