Thursday, 5 April 2012

The wait is over. Nail Pops are here :)

Can there be anything more exciting than a 4-day long week end? Yes, there can. A 4-day long week end with the launch of Look Beauty online store. You've heard it from the brand themselves on twitter. I heard it from my friend Loulou who like me has been waiting for this moment for months on end.

This brand is nothing new but getting hold of their products is easy as getting products which are only sold ... outside the United Kingdom. Right from the very beginning, Look Beauty has suffered from a very poor presence in physical Superdrug shops. It's not their fault. Had it been up to them, they would have been in every Superdrug shop in the UK

What's so special about Look Beauty? In my eyes, a huge range of makeup products designed for people on a small budget, and (don't laugh) a cute font. I am ashamed to say that I am irresistibly drawn to the font and the packaging of the products. Most importantly, I have been obsessed with the brand since I've known that they created the most affordable dupe of Peridot nail polish, to date, in the shape of 'Kimono'.

As luck would have it, the very day I receive my bottle of Kimono from my friend Nicola, who kindly sold it to me, Look Beauty finally opens a web store *rolls eyes*

Anyway, the range of makeup products offered by Look Beauty is huge, very aesthetically and purse pleasing, postage and packing is low (£2.95) and they accept paypal.

Today I wanted to show you the whole range of Look Beauty Nail Pop nail polishes available, at £5 a pop. The watermarked flower will give you a clue on my favourites and I am hoping to play with Kimono as soon as I can.







What are your favourites?


Sharnee at Browns Boutique said...

Great post! im loving the look of prom,plum and catsuit xx

Sarah@Blusherobsession said...

luckily the small superdrug here does look, i have sequin polish, i love it!their foundation is really good too and i really want to try the eyeshadows and blushers too

mizzworthy said...

Oooh, I've yet to try this range - not available near me but I hear great things!

Powdered Almond said...

Oh squee, I've never even HEARD of these, but I'm going to go take a peek now! :-) x

Amy said...

Wow, my favourite is definitely Ribbon. The perfect peachy pink!! x

Beauty's Bad Habit said...

I was looking at...Look today in store and nothing much yelled out to me. The flakey polishes and a pink glitter polish are nice, though!

jaljen said...

They look lovely the way you've pictured them! You should be doing the marketing!

liloo said...

thank you so much everyone for passing by and commenting. just noticed that the picture for kimono and its 3 other friends didn't publish! aaaaaaaaaaaaa. just corrected it xx

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