Tuesday, 22 May 2012

Gagalectrified nails

You know what's a little off putting? When you receive unsolicited advice about the quality of your photography and when you start developing a complex about your white balance. I have never pretended to be a professional photographer and nor will I ever become one. I am in awe when I see amazing photographic work. It's a skill that I would love to become better at but so is cooking, swimming, learning on how to contour/highlight/apply blusher on your face properly and millions of others things I would love to become better at.

If you can bear with my white balance and assorted photography crimes, here are some VERY quick snaps of a gorgeous nail polish from European brand Essence, which I have acquired from a dear Spanish friend in a makeup swap. This nail polish is called 'Gagalectric', one of the 5 polishes released in the not so very cleverly named 'Holographics' limited edition Collection of Essence, released some time ago.



There is nothing holographic about Gagalectric but if you can go past the annoyance of the name, you will be able to enjoy the delights of a gorgeous duochrome nail polish. Life is too short to apply 5 coats of polish to achieve full opacity so I chose to treat my Gagalectric as a topcoat and wear it over 1 thin coat of Boots no.7 Lucky Lilac. My photos show 1 coat of Boots no.7 Lucky Lilac (see worn on its own here) and 2 coats of Gagalectric.



About to be stuck in a train for a long journey, got minutes of a meeting to type up, this polish will keep you entertained for hours as you will not be able to help yourself admiring the colour changes as you move your fingers. Despite the noticeable brushstroke marks, Gagalectric is simply mesmerising and I get all excited thinking of all the colour combinations of I could achieve with different layering options.

Oh I wish England sold Essence polishes.



Powdered Almond said...

Your pictures are all wrong! The wrong shutter speed and ... er... apature?? Wait, is that a word? Oh balls, I know nothing about photography - I just point and click. My camera's a bit fancy and the Mr knows how to use it, but I just put it on "intelligent" mode. If it's that intelligent, it'll work it out, right? I know my pictures aren't perfect, but as long as the nail polish colour is correct I'm not too worried. Anyway, I hope whoever was offering you advice was polite about it! Don't want anyone upsetting lovely Liloo. The polish is lovely, btw, quite clearly not hologrpahic, but lovely. Do you think it's named after Gaga? I wish we had it in UK too, I want that pinky-green one on the end there! :-) x

liloo said...

thanks sweetie xx

Strawberry Blonde said...

Oh sweetness with the daisies!! And for what it's worth, I always think your photography is fabulous dahling!

Nic xx
ps pretty sure they sell Essence here so shout if you ever want some - which reminds me I must post your parcel today !!

jaljen said...

The polish is too wishy-washy for me but unasked-for advice is always an invitation to get kicked in the gob!

Nothing wrong with your photos. Whoever it was can just foff.

madamegourmand.com said...

Beautiful pictures, the colour looks amazing!

How bloody rude of someone to send you an email like that, I've had similar ones on my food blog where people have asked for larger pictures (if you click it it will grow!) I don't think people understand that bloggers are not all pro photographers or digital editors (some may well be). Just keep on doing what you do as you do it very well! xx

Anitacska said...

Ooh pretty nail polish! And that last picture of all the shades... wow! I'm afraid though it might be a bit like Model's Owns's images, they always look better than reality - I mean the Beetlejuice nail polishes for example. Anyway, nothing wrong with your photographes at all. x

PS. Where do you buy Essence from in the UK?

Emma said...

:o :o :O yet another essence polish I will have to lust after into all eternity... why oh why does Britain not sell them :( :( also your photos are perfect, I've never seen anything wrong with them, in fact I've admire them, so don't worry at all, your photos are gorgeous <3 xxxxx

Just me, Leah said...

Ooh, those are pretty nails indeed! Stuff the person who 'critiqued' your photos. We can see and lust over the products you post just FINE! So there. xoxo

Gemma Meredith said...

I have family in Ireland and I always stock up whenever I go over there! I really liket he essence nail polishes :)

funkiichiicka said...

This is a very pretty polish.

Claire@Eyelining said...

I've always been envious of you NOTD pics! Cheeky so and so's... On a happier note gorgeous polish :) I've never tried Essence products but I keep hearing about them on youtube x

Robyn said...

Who on earth said that? Rude bugger! I wish we could get Essence here, I'd buy that whole range!

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