Friday, 15 June 2012

Our turn to shine

What do Lea Michele and Olivia Palermo have in common? The most enviable glossy locks. In fact, when I think shiny hair, their names come immediately to my mind. I don't know the secret to their shiny tresses but today I've heard of a brand new product and on special offer which aims to just do that: making your hair looking super shiny.


It looks like it’s going to be your typical pack of hair colour to do at home but it’s not. it's called 'Shine On Original Conditioning Hair Glaze' and it's a Professional Conditioning Treatment with collagen using salon glazing technique for home use.


What technique is that?

Glazing is the technique used by top colourists to provide a dazzling high shine to the tresses of their celebrity clients. With the launch of Shine on, Scott Cornwall is bringing the secret technique of the stars to your home. The first of its kind to launch in the UK, this protein rich conditioning hair glaze contains diamond clear colour molecules for a lustrous high shine that lasts for up to 24 washes

Without the need for cuticle coating serums, sprays or colour change, Shine On takes 20 minutes to apply and develop. Containing no ammonia or harsh chemicals it uses an extra mild developer for increased hydration and protection of the hair cortex.

Sounds promising but how much does it cost, will you ask? It would usually retail at £12.99 at Boots but they have a special offer at the moment (1/3 on selected Scott Cornwall hair care) so you can get it at £8.66.


Lea and Olivia: sorry loves, but it's my turn to shine, now Smile with tongue out


Disclaimer: I heard about this brand new release by email today. Shine on is not endorsed by the celebrities mentioned and the email didn't mention any celebrities. Photos were pinched from glamour magazine.


Glowstars said...

You are amazing! I'd given up searching for something to strip a bad colour job out of my hair.

spittingglitter said...

Nice one!! This looks like just the thing for my poor, dull, bleached white hair! I thought that shine was an impossibility with a colour as light as mine but this looks like it might just work. That anti yellow infusion has caught me eye too! If you decide to use the glaze, let us know how it goes! :) xx

Powdered Almond said...

I'm intrigued. I hate my dull hair! Gonna look for some reviews and might give this a whirl...! x

farrah said...

OMG, I am running to Boots on my lunch break today to buy this! Thanks ma petit cherie.xx

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