Tuesday, 26 June 2012

Red Carpet is Hard Work

Imagine a cute little bottle of red nail polish, tiny enough to fit into the tiniest of handbag, ready to whip out at any occasions, on the go, packed with a vibrant punch of colour to give you red carpet glam nails in one coat. Well, if this is what you're after, you might want to give Max Factor Red Carpet Glam nail polish a miss. The colour is undeniably cute, its orangey red shade is a breath of fresh air from all the blue toned red nail polishes I own and its application was easy.


But there is one problem: it's sheer, extremely sheer and you would need extreme amounts of patience to achieve full opacity wearing it on its own. I cheated and applied too coats of this over my trusty nude polish and I got the result I wanted.




You can still have fun with this polish and still apply it on the go, and make the most of its ultra portable size but to enjoy it, you'll have to remember to pack your favourite opaque-in-one-coat nude polish. Who said that red carpet glamour was going to be achieved in an instant anyway?


what: Max Factor Nail Polish in colour 'Red Carpet Glam'
how much: £3.99
where: Superdrug, Boots and everywhere really
disclaimer: this polish was offered for review purposes


Powdered Almond said...

Looks great on you - I do love red nails - but I can't be bothered with sheer reds and doing loads of coats! x


Really suits you! I have trouble with reds as they tend to make my fingers look red too! Don't know why, just one of those things x x x

Anonymous said...

That kind of orangey-red is perfect against your skintone!

Stravadorskiy said...


CharlieDBeauty said...

It looks like such a pretty red, but a shame it's sheer x :-)

Roses and Rockets said...

That is a gorgeous red, such a good price as well!

Perdita said...

I've found these are always a bit thin. It's nice with the subtle colours but with red you want a bit of oopmh.

Hannah said...

This is a perfect red colour wise! and I can't believe how neatly you've managed to apply it considering how much of a pain it sounds!

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