Thursday, 26 July 2012

A touch of elegance from Mavala

In September 2010, Elle Magazine celebrated their 25 years of existence and collaborated with Mavala Nail polishes to mark the occasion. The fruit of their creative juices? A stunning little purply grey nail polish. I can't believe it took me two years to realise how pretty it is. What the hell was I doing in September 2010? How could I possibly miss it? I don't remember what kept me so occupied back then. I remember I noticed it on but it was before the time I started to get into nail polish and share my pictures with you.

Well better late than never, and hoping you'd still want to read about it, this is just 2 coats of Elle from Mavala, which make my nails feel so elegant, classy and polished. If you have this in your cupboard, time to rediscover its beauty and treat your nails with it.



If you're new to Mavala, I couldn't think of a better shade to start your mavala adventures.

Too plain grey for you? This is what it would look like in this arty blurry shot. But I am not telling you which top coat I used. Pop over to my dear friend Liz from Cappuccino Lace and find out Winking smile


what: Mavala Elle
how much: around £4
where: Boots
bought by me.


Sofia said...

This looks super-pretty, this would go brilliantly with a purple or bright pink accent nail! x

Liz Dean said...

Thanks for the linking hun xx


Robyn said...

Very classy indeed. I love the little bottles as well, very cute.

MissGreenEyes said...

Very pretty! I love the topcoat too ;-)

Sheila Harris said...

Just beautiful - shopping list xx

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