Wednesday, 25 July 2012

The eyeshadow palette of my dreams?

When I saw this eyeshadow palette on Vex in the City, I thought that my heart skipped a beat. You have no idea for how long I have been longing to find a neutral everyday eyeshadow palette containing only matte shadows, and 'in the know' from Stila might finally be the answer to my prayers. Please don't remind me of the pigmentation fiasco of the Sleek 'au naturel' palette whose bottom row might as well had been left blank as the shadows on that row were struggling to show on skin. The legendary Urban Decay naked palette, its amazing dupe by MUA and even 'In the light' from Stila contained decent matte shadows but they were lost in a sea of shimmers.


What's wrong with shimmery shadows? Shimmery shadows are beautiful, and they usually blend more easily than matte shadows but I have got a hooded eye shape. Hooded eye shaped gals can use whatever eyeshadow finish they wish but when you have a hooded eye it's considered best to use matte makeup on and above the crease area. Put shimmer on the hooded part of your eye and it will highlight it and make it more prominent. So I'd rather keep my shimmery eyeshadow for the part of my eye which is just above the lash line and use a matte everywhere else.

According to Yinka, 'In the know' will be released from 2 August, for £25 in selected Boot stores (definitely not my local store *sobs*) and Selfridges but I am hoping the bloggosphere will be able to share some swatches before then.

How Stila designed it:

Stila's original matte shades are back in this beautiful collection of eye shadows in universally flattering shades. The In the Know eye shadow palette contains 10 matte shades of Stila's award-winning eye shadows that flatter every skin tone and can be worn wet or dry. The palette also includes an exclusive Smudge Stick Waterproof Eye Liner in Halfmoon, a matte charcoal grey shade, plus an eight-page look book with detailed application tips and tricks.

and a description of the shades:


• air - matte beige
• driftwood - mid tone brown
• wind - soft matte peach
• fire - matte brick
• desert - soft matte tan w/warm undertones
• rain -matte brown
• clay - matte warm light brown
• smoke - matte charcoal grey
• earth - deep matte chocolate brown
• ebony - matte black

I cannot wait to see swatches of this and then I'll be in a better position to make a purchase decision.

Do you know own any Stila palettes? What are they like?
I had not seen before today the 'in the moment'. It's annoyingly pretty. grr ...


Photo of  Stila
'in the light' palette was taken from Sophie from  Montage of three palettes was made by me. Read Yinka's impressions on Stila 'in the know' palette here.


Jude said...

Wow, I feel like I have been searching for this palette all of my life, I will be queuing up outside Boots to buy this one as Matt palette's are as rare as rocking horse poo :) Jude x @jadlgw

Leanne said...

I swatched the In the Know palette at the Stila event (didn't take pics though 'cause the lighting was rubbish, sorry!) and they are WONDERFUL! So smooth and so pigmented, you will love it.

When it's released, I can pick it up for you if you want because they have Stila in one of my locals. Let me know! x

Arianne Cruz said...

ooh I have the IN THE LIGHT palette! I won it in a giveaway and I love it!

katherine said...

I have two of their palettes and they are amazing!

xmisslorix said...

Thats a lovely palette, you know I saw this on a blog recently and thought of you.


I'm liking the look of this too! X

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