Friday, 17 August 2012

Candy Crazy

The world of cakes & confectionery seem to have unleashed the  creativity of nail companies in a big way, this year. We have seen  NailsInc released their sprinkle collection, MUA won the heart of the  nation with their loveheart collection and now it's the turn of  Beautyuk to have been inspired to release a candy collection: a range of candy coloured nail polishes at the sweet price of £1.99 each.


The first 'candy' I couldn't wait to sample with was Bonbon, a  gorgeous shade of sunflower yellow. I am a big fan of yellow nail  polishes. My favourite yellow nail polish is actually another polish  from Beautyuk, called yellow peril which is absolutely flawless and  opaque in 2 coats. So I was a bit nervous to wear Bonbon in case it  wouldn't be as good as yellow peril.

Bonbon applied very well, with  absolutely no sign of streaks or patchiness, the common problems which  you usually encounter with yellow polishes. My photos (please forgive me for the state of the awfully short nail of my index finger) show 2 coats of  bonbon applied very hastily. Three coats would have been better to  conceal the 'white line' perfectly, but I am quite content with the  coverage that 2 coats provided me.



Dolly Mixture is a bright, luminous {and almost neon in certain lightings} shade of coral mango orange and it's just utterly gorgeous.  Again, only 2 very easy coats were applied on my nails. A little bit  of white edge can be seen on the ring finger but it doesn't bother me  too much.



Lollilop excited me a lot. The opacity is fantastic, this is a true 2  coater, like the nail polishes Beautyuk used to do up to the release  of their urban jungle collection. If you were to buy a beautyuk nail  polish, I would still prefer it if you chose to purchase the set their paint for life set, the set they released in support of Cancer  Research but if you wanted just one shade of pink, lollilop would be a  great option.  



The pieces de resistance of this collection, in my opinion are the  last two shades which feature Beautyuk's new matte finish technology.  I wouldn't define the finish as pure matte and my photos still show  quite a bit of shine but in real life, the finish reminded me a little  bit of the rubber finish from Illamasqua's Theatre of the Nameless  Collection mixed with a glazed cherry appearance. The cherry on the  top is the coverage: they are both opaque in one coat.



When I apply a nail polish, my first coat is usually the sloppiest and  the second coat is there to even everything out, especially the edges.  So if I had known that Jelly Bean (the bright purple) was going to be  opaque in one coat, I would have definitely tried to be neater the  first time round. So even though, the 'white line' was totally  concealed, I felt the need to apply a second coat, just to even out  the edges and even out my sloppy mess.

So when the time came to play with Gobstopper, the semi matte  turquoise, I felt I was more ready to apply it properly and tried to be as neat as I could in just one coat. Gobstopper is a stunner, so much  so that I had to give it more exposure (3 photos instead of 2) and I  can't believe this is only £1.99.




A candy collection wouldn't be complete without its very own skittle manicure, right? So please allow me :)


And what the heck, I have added some 'smarties' dots on top.


what: Beautyuk Candy Collection of nail polishes
how much: £1.99 each
where: Beautyuk online and Superdrug stores nationwide
disclosure: polishes were offered for review purposes


Alexis said...

First time in a while that I've seen a collection and wanted them all. I don't have any beauty UK polishes so these will be my first x

Midnight Violets said...

I bought Jellybean, but I think it must've been a dud one because it took me three coats to get an opaque finish! After reading this I'll be giving BeautyUK Polishes a go again!

Emma said...

Wit woo! Loving the skittles and the dots at the end :D I'm wearing Jelly Bean right now and I too was pleasantly surprised by the opacity! :D xxxx

ScienceGeek said...

Oooh I love the "smarties" manicure! xx

Keyta Hawkins said...

I love the bonbom shade, I'm a sucker for anything mustard colour!
- Keyta x

Hannah said...

mega cute- gorgeous colors, especially the matte effects! Loving the skittles/smarties nail art at the end too! xxx

Lizzums - BeneBelle said...

I got the two mattes but they chipped an insane amount after a couple of hours and they weren't all that matte I found... They're such good colours though.

Lizzums x

MissGreenEyes said...

I love Gobstopper, Jellybean and Dolly Mixture, they look amazing! I don't have any Beauty UK polishes but they look very very pretty on your nails, love the skittles and smarties too ;)x

Claire said...

I've never really even glanced at Beauty UK but these are some amazing colours!

Miss Diamond Pearl said...

Ooh, I'll be acquiring a couple of these for myself! Gorgeous colours, and lovelovelove the Smarties look! Great review! xxx


R said...

Gobstopper is just perfect!!! Great swatches, I actually really like all of them!

Lydia said...

I love and want all of these! For £1.99 each I think I may be buying them all! How sad about your poor nail, it'll grow back soon enough though. Excellent swatches as always Liloo xx

Nic @Strawbry_Blonde said...

These are SO pretty on you & the pigmentation looks amazing. Love the dots - must pick up a few of these for the nail art I keep planning! ;)

Nic x

Jo said...

These are lovely! I have seen them loads of times in Superdrug but didn't know what the coverage would be like. Will be picking some up next time I am in there!

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