Monday, 6 August 2012

Colourpop fun :)

So I was wandering aimlessly in my New Look shop a few days ago and stumbled on a new range of fun and colourful makeup called 'Colourpop' where every item is sold at £1.99. Of course, I had to take some pictures and share them with you, I do love a bargain! I have bought 2 items from the collection, do you want to guess which ones?

So they had lipsticks in the cutest packaging


lipglosses, eyeliners and nail polishes




and eyeshadows


You've guessed it already. I came home with 2 nail polishes.



The yellow one is just called err.. ‘yellow’ and the green called ‘pistachio’. You know already that a nail polish doesn't need to be expensive to have great coverage but good pastel and neon polishes, whatever the brand and price are notoriously hard to find. So how did these 2 little £1.99 bright things fare? Admirably well. What you see is only 2 coats of polish. Arguably, the yellow could do with a little extra coat but in real life, I really don't mind it like that. The brush on one of the polish had 2 little stray hair but it was nothing that a small of scissors couldn't quickly fix.




No streaks, no bubbles, no patchiness, just a pop of colour as the name suggests. The yellow is just my perfect shade of 'easter chick' nails and applied even better than the MUA 'lovehearts' yellow. The green is a lovely pastel and neon shade at the same time. I don't own anything like it and I am absolutely in love with it. The formula is lovely, thick and creamy and would also work brilliantly for accents of colours in a nail art pattern.




I must warn you that these nail polish stain the nail though. I tried the green one very quickly on my thumb which didn't have a base coat on and it left me with a darker nail after removal. So I decided to apply the nail polish over 2 coats of my favourite base coat (more on that in another post) just to be on the safe side and my nails were suitably protected and no staining happened.


I am delighted with my little bargain purchases. Thank you Newlook. ^_^

disclosure: bought by me
note: please excuse the quality of the pictures. compression rate set itself to 45 without my knowledge :/


MissBudgetBeauty said...

very nice! new look's had bad press when it comes to beauty products so nice to see things are looking up!


So jazzy! Gotta love a bargain x x x your photos looked fine to me (am on mobile)

Summer said...

I love the look of those lipglosses! That light yellow polish is lovely :]

Sophie Wood said...

i hope these are in my local store! these look lush, especially the lipsticks!

jaljen said...

Crikey. I had better take a look at these if my local shop stocks them. Good find!

A Thrifty Mrs said...

Helpful comment, huh?

A Thrifty Mrs said...

By which I mean I want to try it all.

Safiyah said...

loving these colours, very summery (albeit not much sun to wear them in but hey ho!)

I'll defo be having a gander next time in in New Look, these look pretty!


Aisling said...

These all look so cute! want those nail polishes :D x

Anonymous said...

Pistachio is a lovely green, really unique. Definitely worth a nose next time I'm in a New Look! Hadn't heard about this range so thanks for the post :)

Sherrie said...

Ooohhh!! I'm so going into my NewLook tomorrow! I want the Cornflower blue polishes! x

Lizzums - BeneBelle said...

Those are so cute and fun! I popped in to New Look last week and they didn't have these though... though they don't have much make up in there...

Lizzums x

marox79 said...

This brand looks so cute? Are the e/s any good? Baked eyeshadows are usually a bit of a hit and miss or just a flop.

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