Tuesday, 28 August 2012

Heads over heels for …

It's probably fair to say that I am a bit of a wimp when it comes to perfumes. The truth is that big 'proper' grown up perfumes tend to give me a headache. I have stopped counting the number of times I've gone and bought a perfume after having sprayed a little on me from the shop and realised that it's not a fragrance for me. So I am the perfect target market for mid range perfumes (which I like to call 'teen perfume') and body mists. I adore body mists. They don't last long all day at all but I just adore them.

When I first read about the new Body Shop Body mists on British Beauty Blogger, back in April,  British I knew right away that I was going to get some for definite. It has my name all over it and I just had to get some of them. Waiting for them to be finally released was excruciatingly painful and when they did finally landed in the shops, they only had samples to tease me with and not actual products to purchase. You could  buy some over the internet but I am a little bit stingy. I dislike having to have to pay for postage when I have a shop just down the road. Also, the Bodyshop always have offers all year round so I decided to wait for the right opportunity. And then one day, a brilliant offer came along: I managed to get my hands on my two favourite flavours, the strawberry and (surprise, surprise) the coconut ones at half price, with a free bonus full size shower gel, and postage was free. I just couldn't believe my eyes.


The body shops mists are exquisite. If you're a fan of body mists in general, you cannot but fall in love with love. They usually retail at the sweet price at £7, which is more than affordable for a generous 100ml spray.


What's in there for you that I wax lyrical
about an expired half price offer, will you ask?

Worry not. The offer is back and there's till the 4th September to make the best of it. :)

lbqblog bodyshop mists

This post is totally inspired by the tweet of London Beauty Queen which made my day and also made me move my backside to blog about two products that I just cannot get enough of at the moment. I'd like to think that the sales assistants were also happy that I finally purchased my own copies, as I am sure they must have been fed up by the sight of me, spraying myself with the testers, pretty much everytime I walked past the shop.


The body mists also exist in grapefruit, mango, vanilla, shea and moringa. If, like me, you're a little bit stingy savvy, there could never be a better time to stock up on your favourites or try out some new goodies. Go on, with all this back to school malarkey and the weather getting cold, you are definitely worth it :)


what: bodyshop body mists
how much: £7 for 100ml
where: err, the bodyshop
special offer: Get 50% off all The Body Shop online orders until the 4th September with the code ES40 (can only be used once per person).


Nic @Strawbry_Blonde said...

Oh great offer... must go back for a little spritz - think the Pink Grapefruit might be a goer for me. x

LauraSummer said...

Yay you've made my day posting about that code! I love these body mists too and have the coconut & vanilla one xx

Jane said...

Oh i love these! I got the strawberry one a few weeks ago and its just divine <3

Terri said...

I almost bought the pink grapefruit one a few weeks ago but didn't for some reason, kicking myself now! I know what you mean about some perfumes giving you a headache, I get it with so many!

mizzworthy said...

I have the pink grapefruit one - its lovely. And I know exactly what you mean about heavy fragrances - clinique aromatics elixir gave me a headache - such a heavy smell!!!

Fleur said...

Coconut you say? I think I'm going to have to go and have a look! Cannot possibly have enough coconut scent in my life. I love having body mists in my gym bag when I just want something light to spray on after showering. xo

Just me, Leah said...

Ooh, if I wasn't in the financial doghouse I'd buy the vanilla and coconut ones and layer them. xoxo

Amy said...

Body shop smells are divine!!! I love their papaya body butter 'cos it makes me smell like a yoghurt! I think I might have to invest in these! Their smells are definitely my kind of thing!

MissGreenEyes said...

I like the sound of the coconut & shea ones, great offer! x

Holly Arabella said...

I love these too, they are so great! x

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