Saturday, 1 September 2012

Boom boom boom boom, I want you in my room…

There are so many lipsticks and lip products around, how do you make a difference these days? You design 'Lip Boom' a versatile lip product which can give you 4 looks in once. The idea for the MUA Cosmetics Lip Boom comes from Alexandra Burke, winner of the popular singing talent show X Factor. The lip booms are not just another product where a cosmetic company has approached a celebrity to endorse. Alexandra Burke has been involved in every step of the creation process, the shades, the formulation, to the names of the shades which are taken from Alexandra's favourite expressions. British Beauty Blogger, who went to the rather fabulous launch a few months ago has got the details for you.



I am a massive fan of the MUA Love Hearts lip balms so I was really excited to find out that the lip booms had the same (if a little more pronounced, and with a touch of toffee) vanilla smell than the mua lip balms tins. One side of the lip boom contains a matte lipstick, the other contains a loud and vivid glitter gel base to add some drama and dimension to the lips.


On the photos, it looks like the chunky glitter is going to be like big metallic clumps of glitter, like nail glitter which are going to hurt your lips. They are surprisingly soft, I don't feel any grittiness AT.ALL. As for sticky factor, again they feel very similar to the love hearts lip balms, very creamy and not too sticky at all. I can't get my head round how MUA has managed to do a product so glittery but yet not gritty at all.




I hope you don't mind if I only lip swatch my favourite shade 'doin good' as I don't think the more paler shades will suit my skin tone.


The packaging explains that one of the ways to apply the lip boom is to wear the matte lipstick on all the lips and the highlighter just in the centre. (This is how I tried to do it on my swatch)  I don't think it's possible, you know. Once you have this drama going on in the centre, it naturally distributes on the rest of the lips but then again, this is what I expected with a product called Lip Boom: drama on your lips so that they do all the talking.

The lip boom might not be the smallest lipstick to take on a night out but it's 10x times more fun than my traditional Mac teddy bear lipstick and I don't need to root around my handbag another time to find the lipgloss.

Alexandra Burke: you did good there Smile


what: MUA Cosmetics Lip Booms.
where: MUA Cosmetics online and bigger Superdrug stores
how much: £3 
disclosure: The lips booms were sent to me for review purposes



Jude said...

Love the shade 'Doin Good' it looks like the perfect colour on you. I have to say your skin looks fabulous, what foundation are you wearing? Jude xx @jadlgw

liloo said...

oh dear, jude. please don't look at the skin. I am not wearing a particularly special foundation, it's my magic camera which does all the work. This is why I don't really do foundation reviews because it's my 'magic camera' who does most of the job really but thank you all the same xx

Jude said...

If that's what a magic camera does for your skin then I want one immediately. Seriously Liloo your skin looks flawless. Jude xx

Amanda Johansson said...

I saw these in Superdrug, and was wondering about them. They look like such a fun product. :) They look great on you.

And I might try highlighter in the centre of my lips now! Haha. :) Xx

♥ Sara || Pretty In Pink || Beauty || Fashion || Music || UK ♥ said...


That's it, I'm not going to be able to sleep tonight now!

Rania said...

What kind of colour is "doin' good" ? Is it a brown or a pinky brown ?

Lizzums - BeneBelle said...

The don't look good on me tbh... Looks great on you though!

Jo said...

That's a gorgeous colour on you! I bought some of these for a giveaway when they launched but I didn't get one for myself. Might have to pick one up now..


Lip gloss is the next thing on my 'to explore' list, i'll pick this up next time i pass superdrug, £3, bargain! x x x

Tia said...

nice colours of lip boom

Loni Parker said...

That doin good colour looks great on you, I really like the idea behind Lip Boom. I've seen them in the shops but no one's ever really recommended it to me before, I might have to go buy one now, just the problem of deciding what shade to go with. I think it's great that Alexandra Burke has been so successful since winning X Factor, I love singing on my Sing To The World karaoke machine and I think my voice is quite good but I just don't have that confidence to go audition in front of strangers. I think that's one step too far for me but I'm happy with my karaoke parties, they're always good fun!

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