Friday, 21 September 2012

Missguided Monochromes

We've all been there before. It's the last stretch of road before pay day and we're planning to only spend money on basics to tie us up until the beginning of the next month. And then, some special offer comes up and tests our willpower. The already very affordable Missguided Clothing range has just launched a special 48-hour offer and is offering 10% on all dresses. Delivery is only £1.95 (you can't even send a lipstick in the post for that amount anymore) and I am tempted, very tempted. I wanted to share with you some of my favourite dresses from the website.

This is so weird as I never planned for a black and white only selection and it's only when I finished my wishlist that I realised the coincidence of it all.



1. Peter Pan (£21.99) Not a chance I could carry this dress off on bare legs but I could see myself wearing this top/dress with a pair of black tights, or smart leggings. This is perfect for my body shape: shows the waist, and not clinging on the hips, and very floating all around.


2. Marle (£29.99) I would need to choose my best add-a-cup strapless bra to be able to wear this number and the dress is potentially a wardrobe malfunction in disguise (will I flash some boobage if I raise my arms?) but I don't care. The lace bustier is just divine. Colour scheme is spot on: light at the top to give the illusion that this part of the body is bigger, and darker on the bottom half, to minimise the sheer size of my child bearing hips.


3. Evangeline (26.99) How cute is this dress! With my short torso, the low neck is probably low enough to reveal my belly button but perhaps I wear a bit of lace there? I don't know. It is so pretty!

4. Bertha (£16.99) This dress/blouse looks very similar in style to the Peter Pan dress/tunic and would definitely require some thick tights or leggings to avoid flashing my modesty to the world. 


5. And last but not least, my favourite of them all. This is Bibietta (£21.99) and this dress makes me feel weak at the knees. The lace is very similar to Marle but the whole dress is much more wearable than Marle. I could see myself wearing this little number during the day, with a coloured jacket to break up the black and white theme and I really want it.


Now, if only this offer lasted a few more days, say, until Wednesday (Pay Day) then Bibietta would have definitely be mine. For now, it will have to remain in my wishlist. Crying face

Do you own any dresses from Missguided?


SarahB @ FridayisForever said...

Ahh I want them all, especially the bustier strapless one <3

KatXoXo said...

Oh my those are adorable!! I know how you feel!! I try not to look at websites or go to the mall when I know I have no money to spend, but some sales have a way of finding me even if I'm not looking for them loo!!

Nic @Strawbry_Blonde said...

Bibetta is adorable... def my fave too!

Nic x

Powdered Almond said...

I really like the little black dress, Evangeline. But I am sooooo poor, I'm spending my days making wish lists like this of shoes. ;-) x

Robyn said...

Marle looks really nice but I'd be worried about boob escapage too. Evangeline looks lovely but it'd probably have to go with leggings for me!

Emma said...

Ooh these are all very pretty, if only I could wear this style of clothing, looks odd on me :( love the post though xxx

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