Monday, 8 October 2012

Creamy Snow {nails}

As the sun set over my little town yesterday, I was wearing 'all  nude' on my nails, one of the newest shades of nail polish by Mua  Cosmetics. All nude was released around the end of July, together  with  'Frozen Yogurt', a bright purple nail polish. Those 2 new  nail polishes marked a new era: the time when MUA Cosmetics started to  name their nail polishes, instead of just a number. Of course,  this makes me happy but as usual, it doesn't stop me from wanting to  wanting to rename the nail polishes according to the feelings they  provoke in me. If anything, it's this nail polish (instead of the  bright purple) which I would have liked to call 'frozen yogurt'.


'All Nude' presents the usual application quirks that all MUA  polishes: the very basic brush which is responsible for a rather  uneven application but you know what? As usual, this doesn't matter  the slightest. Once dried the finish is absolutely lovely.


I wore 'all nude' at work today and was expecting my colleagues to ask me if I had tippex on my fingers. Instead I had compliments. I  think 'all nude' has just the right amount of beige/pink to make it  stand out from your (Lyreco?) average office correction fluid.


I  surprised myself at how much I am loving this shade. It reminds me of  cream, yogurt, eggnogg, and snow all at the same time and I want to  eat it. It takes me 3 coats to achieve a decent opacity but at £1 a  pop, I really don't mind.

What does this shade remind you of?
How would like to call it?

What: Mua Cosmetics Nail Polish in shade ‘all nude’
How much: £1
Where: Superdrug nationwide and MUA Store webstore.
Disclosure: bought by me

I am still struggling with motivation. Tonight’s post happened thanks to my lovely little blogging friend, blogging over at Powdered Almond. You can check out her post (along with the rest of the blog) here.
Thank you sweetie Red lips


Gem D said...

I love this colour, I'm definitely going to pick it up next time I am in superdrug :)

Powdered Almond said...

I think that colour is so pretty - it looks so clean for work or something like that - somewhere where you want to look polished. And the price is definitely right! But you are correct - this one should have been Frozen Yoghurt. I've never had lavender frozen yoghurt! Thank you for encouraging me to post tonight. You are awesome! xxx

Sirvinya said...

Ooh, I quite like that. I need one of those nude shades for making sheer polishes look better, maybe this could be it :)


Unreal for £1!!!! I hope free shipping is still on, i'm off to check & buy it if it is! Well done for finding an iota of mojo x x x

mizzworthy said...

This is lovely - I have a shade that I feel the exact same way about from Models Own... I think it's called Utopia...

lottie said... thinking i would call it nougat! x x

LauraSummer said...

Ooh I love cream nails! I would call it ivory lace x

Charlie said...

This is gorgeous!

30SomethingMel said...

Loving that shade, funnily enough was in Superdrug earlier and noticed my one had FINALLY improved on their MUA collection. I will definitely be investing in this now I've seen it swatched! x

Emma said...

Keep coming back to this, it looks so pretty!! xx

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