Saturday, 1 December 2012

Sequin Drama

I have stopped counting the number of times I've genuinely put Tammy Sequin Dress in my shopping basket. It has gone from available in my size, to unavailable and to available again. So naturally, I just had to feature it in my entry for the Boohoo Christmas #partypose challenge.

Before you think and sulk about not having been invited to take part in the challenge, let me reassure you I was not invited either :) Boohoo is inviting bloggers to blog about their dream outfit from the website, I browse a lot on Boohoo so naturally I wanted to take part. The idea is to create an outfit with at least 3 items from the website and the maximum you can 'fantasy' spend is £100. A doddle considering how affordable the clothes are on boohoo.

I was dying to feature the Tammy Sequin Dress as it is a dress I have genuinely been contemplating buying. I feel the dress would help enhance my good bits (the waist and the midriff). Most of all, it's the flared bottom half that I like. It's right in between a pencil skirt type of skirt and a full on fifties/skater skirt, without (I hope) being too clingy on the thighs which is my problem area. I think I need to try it.


There are however 4 reasons why I haven't bought it so far:

1) I have a short bust and I feel this is so low cut that it might show my navel. This won't be a problem for Roberta, my alteration lady up the road though.
2) Strewth this dress is long. Is it not going to drown the 5ft2 person that I am?
3) I absolutely love the sequin drama but the back looks a little bit too much like a swimming costume. Will I like that in real life? What I could sew (well, stick) some mesh fabric underneath. Would I like it better like that?
4) What if it is too clingy on the thighs?


I just can't make up my mind. I feel so drawn to this dress. It's so rare to find dresses these days which are not bodycon or skater style.

I decided to pair Tammy Sequin with a baroque necklace to add a bit more to the skin. This dress shows so much skin, that I wanted to dress the body back a little if that makes sense. And last but not least, the uber gorgeous lillie diamonte shoes. They are not perfect, and they look like they have this suedette effect on them (it's not my favourite type of material to be honest) but I love the shape, the diamonte straps, the chunkiness, the height and the price.


I hope you liked my second (and final) entry to this #partypose challenge. If you want to take part yourself, you can find out all about it here. Thanks for reading xx

disclaimer: I heard about this competition whilst blog reading and no one asked me to take part.


Robyn said...

Just buy it, Liloo! I think the back looks fine - if it was all sequinned at the back, you might get your hair caght in it and that would suck!

MissGreenEyes said...

It is REALLY low-cut but if you have someone to alter that then I say go for it. You'll pretty much know straight off if it's you or not, and if it is, get your alterations done. If not, send it back! x

She Likes said...

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