Sunday, 13 January 2013

My moisturising buddy

If there is one thing I keep changing times and times again is my day face moisturiser. For one, I don't think I have found my 'holy grail' one and my priorities change all the time. One minute, I will feel super self conscious about getting old and will want to invest into something pricey-ish hoping it will make me feel better. The next, I am thinking, I am going to get old anyway, no matter how many lotions and potions I slather on my face and will just want a very accessible and plain moisturiser which does its hydrating job well.

One of my skincare priorities which is hardly going to change is that I need moisture, loads of it and this what brought me to purchase a tube of Superdrug Vitamin e radiance moisture cream. I was very dubious this moisturiser would impress me. How could a £2.99 moisturiser ticks my boxes when a £14.99 face cream can sometimes leave me indifferent?

01 superdrug vitamin e spf 15 radiance moisture cream

This is what it promises to do:

03 superdrug vitamin e spf 15 radiance moisture cream

12 hour moisturisation, did they say? I don't know about you but when a product promises me to give {insert amount of hours/days/weeks} result, I usually like to half that and consider myself happy if I get that result. Put your hands up if you only get 1.5 weeks of fuzz free legs when you’ve been promised 4! I can't tell you if this moisturiser left me moisturised for a whole 12 hours but my skin always feels adequately moisturised after a whole day of work and until I am ready to take it all off in the evening.

To top the long lasting moisturising experience (and the Superdrug vitamin e hot cleansers fans will vouch for this) the moisturiser smells absolutely divine and reminds me of cocoa butter mixed with sun cream. Texture is lovely too and sinks in my skin very easily, leaves me moisturised, plumped, smelling gorgeous and never too greasy. It feels like my skin needs it and drinks it all as soon as I slather it on my face.
Now for the 'radiance' bit. This cream, in my opinion, is strictly reserved for individuals with dry/very dry types of skin. The light reflecting pigments are quite powerful and noticeable almost verging disco ball but I absolutely love it personally. I hope the following picture, taken in bright natural light will be able to give you an idea.

02 superdrug vitamin e spf 15 radiance moisture cream

I admit I will probably feel self conscious if I wear this moisturiser on its own, in bright day light, say at a picnic date (eek, I can't stand picnics) at 2pm on a ridiculously sunny 'summer' day, in case I resemble one of the vampires in twilight but to be honest, I can't imagine myself wearing this moisturiser alone, and with no foundation on top. As soon as you put something on top, primer or foundation, the radiance effect is dramatically reduced. Also having said that, I have found myself reaching for this moisturiser many times, on a dull winter day, even when I am not planning to put makeup on top.

This moisturiser is not perfect though and it tragically clashes with my favourite face primer (no.7 airbrush away primer) and as soon as the two become in contact, they almost curdle together and  I am left with little bits of stuff peeling away on the surface. Is is the fault of the £2.99 moisturiser or the ridiculously expensive no.7 primer? (£19 something?) I don't know. My primer also 'curdles' with another face moisturiser which I own and my vitamin e moisturiser gets on perfectly with my L'Oreal Studio Secrets Smoothing Resurfacing Primer.
As for the anti ageing agenda, the Superdrug vitamin doesn't claim to bring me 10 years younger but it does contain 2 universally recognised anti-ageing ingredients (read the beauty mouth anti ageing cheat skin here) : vitamin e and a sun protection factor (SPF 15) and I am very very VERY happy with that.

I am going through my third tube of vitamin e moisturiser and it's definitely going to fall into my Superdrug basket many times again in the future, especially when I get 2 for £3.99 as it is the case at the moment. The tube has a very small handy handbag size, it's not overly girly and embarrassing to carry around and be seen with and finally no big fat fingers dipping in a big fat pot: you squeeze of fresh amount of product every time. It really bugs me I can use my airbrush away primer with it, but it gives me the chance to use up my other primers I never use.

What: Superdrug Vitamin e Skin Care SPF 15 Radiance Moisture Cream
How much: £2.99 (watch out for 2 for £3.99 offers during the year)
Where: Superdrug.
Availability: even the small and dingy superdrugs have got it :)

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Kemcaflipflops said...

*Eureka* I've not been using the No7 Airbrush primer, I got at Christmas, because the twice I've tried it I felt all flaky,never even considered trying with different moisturiser..Thank You for helping me see the light!
Kirsten x

Helly said...

I'll definitely give this a try Liloo, I love that you post about these kinds of things that other bloggers might gloss over :) I cannot find a moisturiser that goes with my Benefit Porefessional for the same reason, maybe this will be the one?

Julie-Ann Fortune said...

I have the hot cloth cleanser which I absolutely love and haven't repurchased liz earle since but after trying their eye cream I was put off trying any moisturisers in the range. It just sat on my skin, I used the tiniest amount but it still didn't sink in just dried white on my skin. Id like to try this but im currently trying out Elemis skincare at the moment (ive written a post if you want a look) if the Elemis doesn't work out I'll be giving this a go x

Tiffany Carolanne said...

Great post :-) I've not tried this yet but shall definitely give a go when my current moisturiser runs out. I used the hot cloth cleanser from this range and it was really good x

Just me, Leah said...

Ooeee, I want to get me some of this. It looks great. I like to sparkle and my skin is very dry PLUS I have a Superdrug voucher to spend from Christmas. This is going on my list. xx

Robyn said...

For the price, I'll have to try this! Under foundation I think the shimmer might look nice.

MissGreenEyes said...

I wish I had a Superdrug! This sounds great. I have a hard time finding moisturisers that last ages on me, my skin tends to get really dry.

Surprise Me! said...

This is nice...i aslo came across a produc called hydramoist on stumbleupon

Lois Kelly said...

This looks great! It's a shame my skin's more combination/oily or I'd definitely give it a try! I'll have a look at their other own bran moisturisers though :) what a bargain! x

Lois Kelly said...

Brand*!!! haha!! Not sure a bran moisturiser would be too nice!

Lee Young Hyun said...

Looks great!
love the shimmering effect

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